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The Search for Autumn Colors in Tokushima 2016!

Tokushima’s Recommended Autumn Spots – From Mid-October to the End Of November

Fall has arrived, and it’s time to go and see the autumn colors. People travel everywhere in Japan, but this year, how about coming to Tokushima? It has plenty of places to see the autumn colors, and some even allow you to see them from a different angle, i.e. from the famous bridge Kazurabashi, or on an Oboke pleasure cruise. Hiking in vibrantly colored mountains, crossing thrilling bridges, enjoying a pleasure cruise, relaxing in a hot spring, and tasting delicious local food: Tokushima has something for everyone! Come and see for yourself!

Hotel Iya Onsen, Cable Car & Autumn Colors!

Iya is one of the three great hikyo (mysterious/unexplored regions) of Japan. Many people come here in summer to camp or see the Iya river, which is a great way of experiencing the region. However, another is to ride the cable car through the valley and up the mountain to a fantastic onsen hotel.

What do you think of these autumn colors? From the onsen you can look down on the stunning view while soaking in a warm bubbly onsen and sampling delicious local foods.

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Oku-Iya Monorail & Autumn Colors

Even deeper into the depths of Iya lies a place called Oku-Iya. The world’s longest sightseeing monorail is located here. With a duration of 65 minutes, the rhinoceros beetle-themed monorail takes passengers on a delightful 4.5km journey through the valley.

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The Most Spectacular View in Iya – Kazurabashi

Iya’s famous Kazurabashi bridge is not the only spectacular bridge in Iya. Deep in Oku-Iya, there are two more bridges that are just as spectacular, but with an even stronger sense of secludedness.

While the first bridge, Oku-Iya Niju Kazurabashi offers amazing views, it sways heavily, so you’d better come prepared!

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The other bridge, Yaen, is popular among women.

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One of Japan’s Top 100 Spots to See the Autumn Colors – Ko-no-Sekyo

The best time to see the autumn colors of Mt. Tsurugi is from mid-October. The Ko-no-Sekyo valley, which lies at the southern foot of the mountain, has even been chosen as the best sightseeing place in Tokushima Prefecture in the past, much thanks to its beautiful autumn colors. As it has restrooms and parking spaces, the area is also convenient for tourists.

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Waterfalls & Autumn Colors

Known as one of the best places in Tokushima Prefecture to see the autumn colors, the Kamagatani valley is situated almost right in the middle of the Prefecture. The river running through it, Kamagatanigawa (a tributary of Nakagawa), has its source at Mt. Kumosa.

The highlight is this magnificent collaboration of waterfall and autumn colors. While the Oogama-no-Taki falls can be found a bit downstream, the Otodoro-no-Taki falls are even further down.

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Yokai Village & Autumn Colors in Oboko & Koboke

Have you ever heard of Oboke and Koboke? Rich in nature, this scenic area offers splendid views filled with autumn colors.

The breathtakingly beautiful scenery will grab your attention, and keep it until you forget what time it is. But watch out! Both humans and yokai (Japanese spirits) live here! Speaking of which, there is a particular reason why the yokai began inhabiting this area.

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Railroad & Autumn Colors @ Oboke Onsen

Oboke Onsen is the perfect location for avid trainspotters. This hotel even has a room for guests to take award-winning train photos!

Photo by Atsushi Nishimoto (TrainFan2011)
Homepage: http://oobokeonsen.jp/index.html

How do you like this great photo of the train with the autumn colors in the background?

Click here for more information on the yokai that inhabit Oboke:


So, what do you think? It is definitely worth coming to Tokushima to see the autumn colors. Even if you have to travel a bit far to get here, please come and see for yourself!


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