Kannonji Sweets: Hugely Popular Treats Only Found Here!

Kannonji city is located at the westernmost part of Kagawa prefecture.
In this town, there is a sweet that you can only get your hands on here.

This is it! 

It is the “Meika Kannonji” (Kannonji’s famous sweet), sold at Hakueido.
Also known as “Kannonji manju”, it is loved by locals who shorten its name to “kanman”.
The shop is currently managed by the 4th generation owner, Mr. Shirakawa.



The outer walls of the store are made of clay, and on the roof you see traditional roof tiles.
You can sense that the store’s history is appreciated.

Completely different from its exterior image, the interior of the shop is a fusion of old and new.
The cafe that is combined with the shop is bustling with families with children to the elderly.



There are plenty of people who come visit Kagawa during the New Year’s celebrations or the Bon Festival and buy “kanman” as souvenirs before they return to other prefectures.
However, what they say often is things like, “You can’t buy them at Takamatsu station”, and, “There are only a few places that sell them.”
What is the reason behind this?
Me: Where are Kannonji manju sold?
Owner: At the moment, they are only sold at Kannonji city’s Yanagi-cho main shop located in Kannonji-cho, the Sakae store located in Sakaemachi, at JR Kannonji station and at the Takamatsu road Toyohama service area.
Me: So you have many other shops, too.  But it seems like they’re located only within Kannonji city. Do you sell the products in any other regions?
Owner: As “kanman” don’t stay fresh for long, in order to maintain quality, I wish to sell the products within an area that I can keep an eye on. It’s a sweet that makes the people of Kannonji city happy. I would like to keep it like this from here on, as well.
To imagine that behind the inconvenience was the reason for the sweets’ popularity…
Apparently, there are many requests for selling them at Takamatsu station and Takamatsu airport, as well, but even so the shop keeps its policy of avoiding wholesale outside Kannonji, and as they don’t plan to sell the products online, they don’t apparently have a homepage, either.

“A mother will send Kannonji manju by express delivery to her child who has moved to the city, and when the child opens the gift he or she remembers Kannonji. That is the kind of sweet I wish to keep making.”
This is shop owner Mr. Shirakawa’s wish that is included within the manju.


Contact details:

Hakueido Ltd.
Address: 1125 -7 Kannonji-cho, Kannonji City, Kagawa Prefecture

Tel: 0875-25-3888

Fax: 0875-25-3899
Business hours: 9.00 -18.00
Closed: Thursdays (but open if a national holiday)
Established: 1902
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer:  Seitaro Miki




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