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The Popular Ryokan “Teien-no-Yado Sekitei” (Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

The ryokan Teien-no-Yado Sekitei is located on the opposite shore of the bay from the world heritage site of Miyajima, a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime!

Splendid Views of Miyajima

There are 12 rooms at Sekitei; three in the main building, seven in detached houses, and the remaining two in arbors. First, I was shown Yunagi, the room with the best view. It’s in the main building and has comfortable cube-shaped chairs in front of a large ocean-view window. I swiftly sat down to soak up the view.

The room offers a wide view over the calm Setouchi sea and the island of Miyajima, which is said to resemble the body of a goddess. Sitting here is quite pleasant, so pleasant in fact that I completely lost track of time.

A Private Bath With A View

All the rooms at Sekitei are different and have unique design features. The bath in the room Oimatsu is not only half outdoors, but it also has particularly amazing views.

The changing room on the 2nd floor, Horaitei, is built so that sunlight filtering through the trees above fill the room. Just being here in this elegant space makes you feel like a Hollywood star!

Sekitei’s Self-Serve Lounges

Another feature of Sekitei are its lounges, which any guest staying at the hotel can use. The one in this picture is called Sosotei. At night its shot bar opens and guests can freely pour their own drinks, including champagne and wine.

Each personally selected by the hotel owner, Mr. Junichi Ueno, the lounge chairs, such as the Bear Chair and Chieftains Chair, were designed by renowned designer Hans J. Wegner. With the pleasant breezes coming in from the garden out front, the lounge is also said to be a power spot.

“Sekitei Is Not A High-End Ryokan”

Sekitei is often referred to as a ‘high-end’ ryokan, but Mr. Ueno is not particularly fond of that term. He explains that the aim of the ryokan is not really to give guests a sense of luxury, but rather to provide them with the space to enjoy themselves and spend their time as they like. That is why the rooms are designed differently and why the common areas are lounges.

Equally Extraordinary Nights

The night scenery at Sekitei is just as amazing as during the day. This view from the garden shows the orange-colored lighting of the rooms and the people occupying them.

Day and night, winter, spring, summer and fall; the many faces of Sekitei show the slow progress of the seasons and the passage of time. Any guest staying here will undoubtedly relieve their body and soul of all stress and fatigue. Please come and visit, and experience true luxury.

Teien-no-Yado Sekitei
Address: 3-5-27, Miyahamaonsen, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Business hours:
Check-in 15:20 (early check-in optional)
Check-out 10:20 (late check-out optional)
Tel: 0829-55-0601

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Akiko Isonaga

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Written by

Akiko Isonaga

Akiko Isonaga

Akiko Isonaga

I was born and raised in Hiroshima, but my mother's hometown is on Kojima island, Ehime prefecture. When I was little, I used to climb up on the roof of an orange warehouse and gaze at the picturesque islands of Seto. They were really beautiful. Now that I'm a bit older, I’m happy to be able to spend time working as a photo-writer and conveying the beauty and charm of the Seto Inland Sea. As well as writing at home, I live a short walk from the World Heritage site of Miyajima, I also work as a teacher and am currently studying color psychology.

URL: https://isonaga.wixsite.com/aidapress


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