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Yummy Specialties of Kure: Oysters & Bird Skin in Miso Sauce!

Kure city in Hiroshima prefecture is known as the home of battleship Yamato. Even now the ship building industry prospers in the town, but as a port city surrounded by the sea, the city has a vigorous fishing industry, as well.

Hiroshima prefecture produces the most oysters in Japan, but did you know that Kure has the highest production rate within the prefecture? From the seashore, you can see oyster rafts floating here and there in the sea…


This time we’d like to introduce special dishes born of the background of this city!

Even more than raw or fried oysters, we recommend fried oyster senbei (rice crackers), which are made with genuine flavor filled oysters.


The moment you open the bag, the aroma is exactly the same as when eating deep fried oysters – the more you bite the more your mouth is filled with the savory flavor.

The rich flavor of ‘otafuku sauce’ on top, which originates in Hiroshima prefecture, matches perfectly.

Naturally, we recommend this as a drink-accompanying snack.



If you enter an izakaya (Japanese style pub) in Kure, a dish that will definitely appear on the menu is bird skin in miso sauce.

It's a dish that was born after the war at a certain izakaya, and is a specialty loved by city residents even now.

As the town prospered thanks to the ship building industry, the dish has been passed on as an easy-to-enjoy dish loved by ship builders. It has now been canned and introduced as a flavor you can enjoy wherever you go!


The soft bird skin is simmered in 3 different rich-flavored miso sauces, and the balance of the three different types of miso in the canned versions is exquisite. There is a slight spiciness in the mild miso fragrance and you can also enjoy the textures of both the soft bird skin and chewy konnyaku.

It matches perfectly with rice as well as with a drink! We recommend it both as a souvenir and as preserved food.  



We recommend these two products as special souvenirs.

Products provided by:  Yamato Foods Co., Ltd.

In cooperation with:

Nippon Access Inc.

*Setouchi Brand products can be purchased from souvenir corners at roadside stations, airports and others located in the Setouchi area.

On the Setouchi brand relationship: http://www.setouchiweb.jp/relationship/index.html (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Makoto Esaki & Yoko Suganami (Rainbow Sake Co.,Ltd.)



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Written by

Rainbow Sake

Rainbow Sake

Yoko Suganami Rainbow Sake, Inc. After an extended stay in Hawaii, in 2011, I returned to my hometown of Kure, Hiroshima. Having worked at advertising companies in both Japan and Hawaii, I founded Rainbow Sake - a PR company with the goal of spreading Sake abroad. I hope that sake will ""bring the people of the world together"" and that I can be a part of that. I often travel abroad, and mostly to Hawaii and Singapore. Every time I come back home, I rediscover the beauty of my hometown and the happiness the easygoing, calm, fresh and simple sea and mountains of Setouchi bring. http://www.rainbowsake.com


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