Gourmet Travel in Setouchi ~Okayama~ Introducing a Healthy Shrimp & Octopus Quiche – Yummy!

Kojima, Kurashiki city is located at the entrance of the Great Seto Bridge. It’s known as the location where Japanese-made jeans were born, but there is more! Kojima seafood…
You can enjoy Shimotsui octopus and Garaebi shrimp from the nearby fishing ports, in addition to other fresh seafood grown in the Seto Inland Sea.


The recipe we will introduce you today is from HUTTE café, which stands on high ground with a view over the Kojima area.
The cafe is linked with Washugama, a shop that sells Bizen pottery – the tableware, the tables, the chairs and even the building are all hand-made.
While enjoying healthy dishes made of local ingredients, you can soak up the view of the town area.



Ms. Yoshiko Noda, the café owner, is going to share her quiche recipe. She’s a Kojima-born, Kojima-grown, representative of Kojima who’s loved cooking ever since she was a child!


Let’s start with the ingredients:


Eggs x 5
80ml Fresh cream (You can use milk instead of cream)
150g  Boiled octopus
150g  Garaebi Shrimp (You can also use whiteleg shrimp)
Mitsuba (Japanese parsley) 1/2 bundle
Red bell pepper 1/2
180g  Pizza cheese/grated cheese




White sesame seeds  1/2 cup (100ml)
Salt in moderation
Black pepper in moderation

(Ingredients for 4 portions)



Cut the boiled octopus into thin slices, and the shrimp and bell pepper into appropriate sized pieces.
In a pie baking mold, lay a piece of baking paper slightly bigger than the mold and preheat the oven into 180 degrees (Celsius).
Next, break the 5 eggs into a bowl, and add the salt, pepper and cream while stirring.


Mix the dough without whisking!
To enjoy the texture of the shrimp, make the quiche dough moist. Mix the ingredients as if scrubbing the bottom of the bowl with the tip of your cooking chopsticks (or whatever you are using for mixing). This makes it more difficult for air to mix in, thus avoiding whisking the dough into foam.
After you finish mixing, pour the dough on top of the baking paper in the pie mold and add the octopus, shrimp and bell pepper we prepared in advance.


For this recipe, we are not using pie dough!
As they are thought to be high in calories, people often avoid eating quiche. However, as no butter is used in this particular recipe, it’s lower in calories…

Crush the white sesame seeds and sprinkle them on top of the dough along with the mitsuba (cut into 2cm pieces) and the cheese.
Roasting the sesame seeds, further enhances the flavor!
Over-the-counter white sesame seeds are fine as is, but let’s add an extra twist before adding them. By roasting the sesame seeds lightly in the fry pan, we will boost the fragrance of the sesame. After roasting, grind down the seeds halfway. The fragrance of the seeds will be further increased.
Place the quiche in the oven preheated into 180 degrees and bake for 15-18 minutes.
When the center is half solidified the quiche is ready! Cut the quiche into serving size pieces and enjoy♪



How about a delicious quiche you can enjoy without worrying about calories?
This recipe and others can be also found in a cooperation project with Setouchi Finder called “Minna no kyou no ryouri” (‘Today’s meals for everyone’).
Check out these websites, as well (Japanese):


In cooperation with HÜTTE Café

Address: 1754-3 Kojimaakasaki, Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture
Tel: 086-473-3336
Business hours: 11.30-15.00
Closed: Wednesday, Thursday / 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday of the month and New Year’s holidays (may change according to season)
Parking: For 20 cars (Within the Wasyugama area)



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