Slow Life Pleasures on Omishima Island… A Hidden Café Marché Where New Residents Gather!

Every year, the number of new residents moving to the islands of the Imabari area grows. Among them, Omishima Island has the most migrants coming from Kanto and Kansai areas. People who move to Omishima Island to farm and create handicrafts, etc. enjoy lives very different to those they lived in the city!


This time we will be introducing a location where such people gather and where a small marché is held.

The marché is held on Saturdays at Café 1plus7, which is located in a traditional Japanese house in Amazaki, Kamiura-cho, Omishima Island.


Take a right turn after exiting the Omishima interchange and drive along the seashore for around 1km until you see a picture of a dolphin. The café is located a little to the right from that point.
Kojo Island is nearby, the oldest navy fortress in Japan.

The café is the birth home of the owner’s wife. After the couple moved in, they spent years remodeling and making additions to the building.
To think that such a stylish café could be created from recycled materials!! It’s really surprising.


The marché is open almost every month except during the winter season.
People who took an I-turn or a U-turn and moved to the island run all the stalls at the marché. All of them do what they’re good at or like to do for work, and enjoy their calm, slow lives on the island.

Every room has rows of lovely items made by the artists on the island.

“Things that can be used in someone’s everyday life.”
Jishac, an artist who makes hand-made leather craftwork, moved here from Kanto. Having participated in regional activities, the artist finally found this medium of creativity.

“When I lived in the city, I didn’t have time to look at the setting sun. After coming to the island, I watch the sunset by the beach nearly every day.”
The time that the island offers comes to life in careful craftsmanship.


This is Citrus & Aroma Shimakobo.
Among other organically grown citrus fruits grown on the island, mandarin oranges, lemons and hassaku oranges are used to make aromas.
We recommend the mandarin orange aroma.
Mandarin oranges are perfect for making aromas, as apparently they come from what’s called the fragrant tree.

Hanazawa family farm @ Kashikobo (‘pastry workshop’) Kakasha.
Along with vegetables and eggs, they sell pastries and jams made using citrus fruit produced using natural methods at their farm.
These products are good for people like me who try to choose vegetables and fruit grown without using any chemicals.


From the garden you can hear the sound of children laughing.

Until recently the island was suffering from a declining population, making it more and more scarcely populated.  However, young people like this have been moving to the island, and little by little the island is trying to change, as well.
The sun that sets into the calm sea and the star flecked sky… The landscape of the islands is abundant with nature and its blessings.
Those of us who have always lived here have always taken them for granted, but now we realize that they are actually something truly wonderful.

Beginning in spring and continuing through summer, the marché is held nearly every month. Why not check out the dates it’s on and come by??

Venue: Café 1plus7

Location: 1978 Amazaki, Kamiura-cho, Imabari city, Ehime prefecture

(Get off at the Omishima interchange, turn right at the traffic lights and drive for around 1 km)

Contact: 0897-87-3608
Regular opening hours: 10.00~
Open: Saturday
Parking area: Available
Homepage: (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi



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