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Busshozan Tenmaya Sando: Superb Sandwiches in an Edo-Period Townscape (Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture)

Found among city streets built in the Edo period (1603~1867), sandwich shop Busshozan Tenmaya Sando opened in 2014. An important historical area that has been designated to be maintained and developed, the particular spot in which the shop is located goes by the name of Busshozan Gaido.

Tenmaya Sando – A Refurbished Tangible Cultural Property

One of Busshozan’s oldest buildings, the shop was built more than 100-years ago. It used to be a dressmaker’s and sold both Japanese and western clothes at different times. One part of the building was turned into a sandwich shop by a couple passionate about bread. Pretty interesting background..!

Although many regulars use the easily recognizable building as a landmark, this well-designed sign indicates the shop entrance.

Simple and refined, the interior is quiet and allows customers to spend their time as they wish.

These large windows lead out to the renovated historical garden. The green outdoors clashing with the white walls makes for an interesting and pleasant contrast. For a few lucky customers, these particular tables offer a feast for both mouth and eye!

The No.1 Most Popular Sandwich!

The most popular item on the menu is without doubt the A Sandwich – the Burger Sandwich. It consists of two pieces of bread with delicious filling that changes on a monthly basis. As such, it has customers coming back every month to try the new creations.

This month’s A Sandwich is ham with lots of fresh vegetables sandwiched between two pumpkin buns. Basil-flavored mashed potato give it an agreeable accent… Making the dough fluffy and sweet, pumpkin is grated and mixed in. It’s easy to see why this is the most popular sandwich in the shop!

The Limited-Edition Order-Only Sandwich!

This is the recently debuted D Sandwich – the Deluxe Sandwich. Customers wishing to try this particular item need to order in advance. It comes as no surprise that this rare masterpiece is packed to the brim with delicious goodies, such as fresh vegetables, avocado, egg, steamed chicken, cheese and lots more. To top it off, the whole thing is sandwiched between two buns made of a variety of grains. You don’t even need to bite into it to taste its deliciousness!

The Satisfying Sandwich!

This sandwich comes as a set and includes salad, soup, dessert and a drink. Bringing waves of pleasant flavors with every single mouthful, the side dishes complement the sandwich perfectly. It really feels like the personalities of the owners of the establishment are reflected in the gentle and warm flavors of their offerings.

With flavors that change daily, the shop also sells bread to take-out. You can check their Facebook page or call directly to find out what the flavor of the day is.

Why not come and have a pleasant walk around this picturesque Edo period townscape and enjoy a warming sandwich lunch at Tenmaya Sando; It will surely make you feel great.

Busshozan Tenmaya Sandwich
Address: Ko 542, Busshozancho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Tel: 087-889-1630
Open: 11:00 -18:00 (last orders 17:00)
Closed: Tuesdays, Thursdays
※ Reservations are prioritized

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Megumi Yamada

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Written by

Megumi Yamada

Megumi Yamada

Megumi Yamada Although I was born in Kagawa, after graduating high school I spent time in America, Kyoto, and East Timor, and now live in Kagawa again. I’m currently rediscovering the beauty of my hometown. I love to draw and take pictures.


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