Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger, Japan’s Best Local Hamburger / Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture)

Did you know that there is a hamburger so delicious that gourmet enthusiasts even call Awaji Island “the holy ground for burgers”??

This is the Awaji Onion Beef Burger (JPY600 + tax) that was selected first at the 2013 Tottori Burger Festa.
Even the lovely bun makes it look mouth-watering – it just makes your heart race…

Awaji Beef… Cooked into a sweet-salty finish, there is plenty of high-class Japanese Awaji beef.

An Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger also includes: A fluffy bun (baked with a special dough), onion & tomato sauce prepared with carefully simmered Awaji-grown tomatoes and Awaji onions cut into chunks (an exquisite sauce that preserves the texture of the vegetables), homemade onion pickles (even these are made from Awaji Island grown onions), crunchy deep-fried Awaji Island onion chips, fresh Awaji onion slices (chopped by hand everyday), and an onion cutlet (if the Awaji beef is the pitcher, then the onion cutlet is the catcher).


A truly carefully prepared hamburger that’s delicious – it couldn’t be anything but delicious! It makes you realize the real pleasure that is the holy grail of burgers.

However, the Awaji Island Onion Burger was not a winner at its birth!
The burger was 3rd place at the 2011 Tottori Burger Festa, 2nd place in 2012, and then in 2013 it finally grabbed the shining 1st place!


Behind the lifting and placing of the burger, there was a lot of thought put into it by its planners and developers: “Let’s create a hamburger that makes even better use of the good ingredients of Awaji Island.”

The makers originally wanted to promote the deliciousness of the very rare, relatively unknown Awaji beef, but apparently [at first] they didn’t pay much attention to using local products for the other ingredients.
However, after taking 3rd place in its debut year, the makers thought it might be better to use more local ingredients and eventually came up with a top-level hamburger.

As well as its delicious meat, Awaji is a treasure island blessed with the fruits of the sea and the mountains. After inserting that potential into their burgers, they were finally able to seize the top position.

There are also other burgers at Awaji Island Awaji Onion Kitchen that leave you dumbfounded…

Limited to just one a day, the “roadside station burger” is JPY3000 + tax! THREE THOUSAND YEN?!… is what you may want to shout, and yours truly understands that feeling. Hooowever, this price is actually cheap. Making it unsuitable for selling commercially, it has a 120% cost price rate!

A 250 gram (*weight before frying) high-class Japanese Awaji beef rib roast flavored with salt and black pepper, some special-made mayonnaise, and Awaji Island grown lettuce and onions between; it’s a simple hamburger.


I think I just fainted. I fainted because it’s too delicious. The meat is so sweet!  The juices are so sweet! The savoryness melting in my mouth swept me off my feet. Viva Awaji beef! Awaji beef made me its slave in an instant. And it’s not because it’s a steak, it’s because it’s a hamburger that it’s so good. There is a sublime harmony with the onions, lettuce, buns and mayonnaise that bring out more than enough of the true flavor of the beef. Having tasted it, I think 3000 yen is too cheap for this flavor!!! “The more we make it, the more we will be in the red!” is what a person working at the restaurant said. Even so, when I visit Awaji Island Burger Awaji Onion Kitchen, I want to eat this burger.

The Awaji Island Onion Gratin Burger (JPY600+tax) is a new product that shone all the way to 2nd place in the 2014 Japanese competition. It’s made by using the juiciest parts of the rare Awaji chicken. Topped off with creamy onion gratin sauce that goes well with the chicken, it tastes completely different from hamburgers made of beef. Oh, this is tasty, too! It makes it hard to choose, doesn’t it… which one to eat!


For dessert, we recommend the onion soft ice cream (JPY300+tax). Although you can properly taste the onions flavor and sweetness, even children who hate vegetables will be happy to eat it.

Please do try the local burger that has all Awaji Island’s blessings sandwiched between!
Awaji Island Onion Kitchen
Main store:

Location: 947-22 Fukura, Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture
Telephone: 0799-52-1157

Uzu no Kuni store:

Location: 936-3 Fukura, Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture
Telephone: 0799-52-2888

Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Asami Asai /  Asai (Kokohore Japan)



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