Open-Air Bath Paradise with Dream-Like Sunset Views: Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island – GORGEOUS!

Having heard a rumor that in southwest Awaji Island there’s a place known as the “hilltop paradise”, we went along to investigate!

On top of a hill where fresh winds blow, there is a place with a view over the Naruto strait and Onaruto Bridge.

The paradise that is Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island is situated right next to an enormous windmill that generates wind power.

Simply gazing at the sea and upon the Awaji Island scenery from the hilltop you feel relaxed enough, but one of the reasons that makes the hotel a paradise is the view from the open-air bath called Yubae no Yu (‘Bath of the glowing sunset’), which was renovated in December 2014.From the open-air bath you have a full view of the vast skies that seem to stretch on and on forever, the beautiful sea, and the islands far in the distance. With nothing to block the view, you can feel the true magnificence of nature.

In addition, the landscape has various faces that change according to the time of day.

An absolute must-see is the time around sunset.

As its name suggests, Yubae no yu (‘Bath of the glowing sunset’), the most dream-like, beautiful landscape can be seen in the evening.



The bath water comes from Minamiawaji’s famous Shiozaki Hot Spring, well known as a bath for beauties.

Let’s take a dip in the thick, hot waters of the sodium hydrogen carbonate spring and enjoy the ever-changing faces of the great outdoors.

There are also 3 guest rooms that were renovated in December 2014. (Private open-air baths are available in every guest room, all of which have ocean views.)
It’s a space for an extremely luxurious time…
The photograph below shows “Zen”, one of the renovated guest rooms.



When talking about the joys of traveling, food is of course high on the list.

Most of the ingredients used at Plaza Awaji are grown within a 30km radius of the hotel.

In order to offer guests the best seafood and vegetables from Awaji Island, the hotel pays very close attention to the freshness of the produce it uses.
The dishes served are creative exquisite combinations of French and Japanese cuisine.

Created in the image of Hanahaku (Hana Midori Fair) held on Awaji Island from March 21st to May 31st, the cuisine includes colorful starters and extravagant seafood assortments among other dishes that both entertain and satisfy the eye and the taste buds.


One recommendation for wintertime is the Awaji Island 3-year tiger globefish.

Normally tiger globefish are sold after a 2-year cultivation period, but the Awaji Island 3-year tiger globefish is filled with flavor that competes favorably with fish grown in the wild.

This year, until the end of March, the hotel offered a special accommodation package that included an Awaji 3-year globefish full course dinner!

If you have the chance, please do give it a try during the season!

Currently, the hotel is offering 1-day plans for guests to enjoy its version of paradise!

After taking a bath at Yubae no Yu, how about enjoying some local gourmet dishes such as Awaji Island gyudon (beef rice bowl) and Awaji Island noodles!



During summer, in addition to the hotel pool being open, there is a facility nearby where you can swim with dolphins! We highly recommend coming for a family visit, too!!

----------------------------Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island

Address: 1433-2 Amafukiagemachi, Minamiawaji city, Hyogo prefecture
Telephone /0799-55-2500
Homepage: (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Daisuke Chiba




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