Try a Local Limited Edition Beer Made with Udon Wheat !!


When traveling, trying local beverages is part of the fun, right? When in Kagawa prefecture, also known as the Udon prefecture, how about having a pint of beer made from udon wheat??

You can drink it, believe it or not, inside a train station! ‘Beer Pub Station’ is located within the premises of the local Kotohira railroad’s (also known as Kotoden) Takamatsu-Chikko station.

A pub inside a station, right next to the rails?? Even in Japan that’s a rarity!

As well as tourists, quite a number of local salary men frequent the pub apparently. There are also regular customers who buy a cup of beer as a take out when returning home from work – they get on the train with it and continue on their way.


The beer made with udon wheat is called craic special ale. Brewed with Sanuki no Yume, a kind of udon wheat developed in Kagawa prefecture, it’s a limited edition beer born of a collaboration with the main shop, Irish Pub the Craic, which is located within walking distance of Takamatsu-Chikko station.

The label on the bottle has the Kotohira railroad’s mascot character, Koto-chan the dolphin. The design is so cute it makes you want to take the bottle home!

Unlike what you would imagine after hearing that the beer is made with udon wheat, the flavor is fresh and fruity. It has a citrus-like fragrance that I think it might be popular with women…

For those who wish to enjoy their beer more slowly, please visit the main store. From the station you can reach it in 3 minutes on foot.


We naturally recommend the limited edition beer, but if you visit the main store, you absolutely must try their staple Guinness. You can taste it fresh from the barrel.

The fish & chips prepared with fresh fish delivered straight from the Takamatsu harbor is a treat you can enjoy only here!

The crunchy batter is made with ale. The dish is enjoyed with homemade tartar sauce and malt vinegar.


This is the oyster chowder made using oysters of the season from the Setouchi Inland Sea. It warms you right to the core.

When in Takamatsu, if you feel like a good pint of beer, just come on by.

Beer Pub Station

Address: 1-5-20 Kotobuki-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
Within the Kotohira railroad Takamatsu-Chikko station (no entrance fee)
Open: Wednesday-Saturday 17.00-21.00 (Last order 20.30), Sunday 15.00-20.00 (Last order 19.30)

IRISH PUB THE CRAIC(アイリッシュ・パブ・ザ・クラック)
Homepage: (Japanese)
Address: 7-8 2F Nishinomaru-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
Located: 3-minutes walk from either JR Takamatsu station or Takamatsu-Chikko station (Kotohira Line)

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 17.59-24.00 (Last order 23.00), Sunday 15.00-23.00 (Last order 22.00)
*Notifications for business outside regular hours found on Facebook

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi




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