Panoramic Views from Mt. Mikuma’s Sumoto Castle!


Sumoto city is located right about in the center of Awaji Island. At a height of 133 meters above sea level, Mt. Mikuma is to be found to the south of the town. At its peak, you can find the remains of what was once Sumoto Castle.

From the Warring States period (around 1467-1568 AD) through the Edo period (1603-1868 AD), Sumoto Castle was the base of Awaji province. Its original stone walls are still in place!


Loved by many city residents, these days it’s a place for relaxation and refreshment!


There is both a road and a walking route leading up to the Sumoto Castle remains. The climb takes around 5 minutes by car, and another 20 minutes on foot.

Just a little further after you’ve climbed the large stone steps!
The castle tower that exists today was built in 1928 and is the oldest castle tower replica in Japan.
*Currently, the castle tower cannot be climbed.


After passing the inner citadel, the view is only available to those who have climbed the stairs all the way to the castle tower!

Offering panoramic views over Sumoto city and Osaka Bay, Mt. Mikuma is part of Setonaikai National Park.
Far off in the distance, you can also see the city areas of Osaka, Sakai and Wakayama.


After enjoying the amazing view, we recommend warming yourself up with hot zenzai red bean soup and the delicious coffee served at Tenshu teahouse before heading back.
Tenshu teahouse has many fans, even from beyond the island. The granny who is the owner has some interesting stories to tell!

How about a visit to see some amazing views when the air is clear?
Sumoto Castle remains (Mt. Mikuma)

Address: 1272-1 Orodani, Sumoto city, Hyogo prefecture
Admission: Free
Parking: Free
Guide website for Sumoto Castle: http://sumoto-castle.net/ (Japanese)

Sumoto Tourist Information Center

Location: 2-43 Minato, Sumoto city, Hyogo prefecture – inside Sumoto Bus Center
TEL: 0799-22-0742

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Mr. Hineno



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