A Place You’ll Want to See at Least Once in Your Life?! Sea Line with Beautiful Landscapes & Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge!


This is not an overseas resort or even Okinawa!
Despite being a resident of the Yamaguchi prefecture, the first time I saw Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge even I couldn’t believe it!
And it’s not even connected to the Seto Inland Sea; it’s on the Sea of Japan side!

On the other side of the bridge you can see Tsunoshima Island.
After being finished in 2000, the bridge suddenly reached the limelight and is currently one of the most popular sightseeing areas in Yamaguchi prefecture.

In addition to the bridge stretching out and curving slightly to avoid the tiny uninhabited island before reaching Tsunoshima, the area’s charm lies in its white sandy beaches and emerald green sea.

As we’ve come all the way here, let’s take a look from a different angle, too.
Though it is satisfying to come and soak up these views, we’ve heard that at the very tip of Tsunoshima Island there is a western-style lighthouse that makes you feel like you’ve traveled outside Japan!


Well, let’s head off.

The view from the car is amazing, too!


After driving along for a while, a tower standing alone comes into view in the distance.
My heart is beating faster…

We’re almost there.
I’d like you to keep in mind that we’re still in Yamaguchi prefecture right now.


We’re here ♪ This is the Tsunoshima Island lighthouse.
It’s a Western-style lighthouse made from granite! It’s very precious as there are only two lighthouses like this in the whole of Japan. Its lights were first turned on in 1876 and are still in use. Amazingly, it has stood here shining its guiding light for around 140 years!

As you enter, it’s no surprise that you can feel its history.


Even the spiral staircase has an indescribable elegance…


The views from the small windows on the way up bring on feelings of nostalgia…

Well then, we’ve finally reached the observation area. I’m not going to post an image of the view from there, though – Please visit and enjoy it with your own eyes!

[‘Shop of the Diving Beauties’: live turban shells, fried squid, dried goods, love♡]
When you leave the lighthouse and take a walk around, you can see a signboard that captures the spirit of Yamaguchi prefecture very well!
I’d love to meet them, I thought, but unfortunately the store was closed! Apparently it’s only open on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.
Featuring Japan’s clearest waters, Tsunoshima Island has swimming beaches, camping areas with great sunset views, and plenty of other facilities where you can enjoy your time in the midst of nature!


Do come visit Tsunoshima Island at least once in your lifetime!!

Oidemase! Come to Yamaguchi!!
Tsunoshima Island lighthouse:

Address: 2343-2 Tsunoshima, Oaza, Hohoku-cho, Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture
Telephone/ 083-786-0108
Lighthouse Admission: Adults JPY200, Children free

Open: May through September 9.30-16.30 (Last entry at 16.15)
October through April 9.00-16.00 (Last entry at 15.45)
Closed: Every Monday (On national holidays, the lighthouse is closed the following day instead), New Year’s holidays (December 29th – January 1st)

More information on facilities around Tsunoshima Island here↓
http://www.city.shimonoseki.yamaguchi.jp/kanko/frame/mapguide_tunosima.html (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Masashi Fujimoto




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Written by

Masafumi Fujimoto

Masafumi Fujimoto

Masafumi Fujimoto Hi there! My name is Masafumi Fujimoto. Until the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, I was engaged in editing production at an advertising company in Tokyo. However, the earthquake was a turning point in my life and I headed home to Yamaguchi. When I arrived, I was extremely energized and motivated to help revitalize the region, but I had a hard time adjusting to the motivation level of the local people. Around that time I met an elderly lady who said: "It doesn't matter if all the people move away from the island; that's just the nature of things. Someday people will come back again." Lessening the tension I’d been feeling, those few words relieved me hugely, and I was able to finally adjust. Since then, I've been involved in writing and editing magazines, and working in advertisement production, as well as doing a little bit of farming. I also spend time walking around Setouchi searching for the many, many voices out there.


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