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A Tokushima Antenna Shop in Tokyo Kotsukaikan!

Did you know that within Tokyo Kotsukaikan, located right next to Yurakucho station, there are lots of antenna shops from all over Japan? Chances are, you’ll find flavors from home or products you came across during your travels!
This time we visited the Tokushima & Kagawa Tomoni Ichiba antenna shop.

One of this particular antenna shop’s charms is the row of fresh fruit and vegetables lined up out front.
Tanada-san, the shop manager, recommends the exceptionally sweet Momoriko brand of tomatoes! Even among sweet tomatoes, the sugar content of the tomatoes sold at the shop is over 11 degrees (average tomatoes are around 4 to 5 degrees)!


They are firm but soft, and really delicious!
Actually, Tanada-san doesn’t like tomatoes, but… giving his seal of approval, he says, “Momoriko are the only ones I can eat! Even people who don’t normally eat tomatoes should be okay!”
Apparently, Momoriko tomatoes are so popular that many customers come time and time again to buy them, so much so that they are only offered on a first come, first served basis!

In addition, of course, staple products like these are on offer, but…


The sweets corner is really rich in variety!
“There’s a 100 million yen note in here!”
That’s right, Tanada-san introduced me to budo manjuu, a famous delicacy from Awa.

To anyone from Tokushima prefecture, these may be nostalgic sweets…
They have been made since 1914 as souvenirs from Anabuki, the entrance to Mt. Tsurugi, and are known as objects of worship among martial artists.
With the association of martial arts (‘budo’ in Japanese), the sweets were named budo manjuu. They also have a faint grape flavor (a word also pronounced ‘budo’ in Japanese).


Shaped like small dumplings, they are a perfect snack when flower viewing, too~.
The 100 million yen bill found inside was a 10 thousand yen bill in the beginning! As it was mistaken for the real deal, the maker was taken to the police station to be questioned, or so the anecdote goes!

They say that if you keep it in your wallet, something good will happen ♪

If you happen to be close by, come to Tokyo Kotsukaikan for a visit. You may well meet a nostalgic flavor ♪

Article written in cooperation with: Tokushima & Kagawa Tomoni Ichiba

Location: Tokyo Kotsukaikan 1 floor, 2-1 0-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
HP:http://www.tomony-ichiba.com/ (Japanese)
FB:https://www.facebook.com/pages/ (Japanese)


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