Takoban: A Local Soul Food for Students Becomes a Well-known Delicacy!!

Nio-cho in Mitoyoshi city is a quiet town situated at the base of the Shonai peninsula in the westernmost part of Kagawa prefecture.
This is a B-class gourmet well known by all the people of the town.

Takoban are kind of like takoyaki (octopus dumplings), but are the size of obanyaki (a large-sized baked cake). Takoban are around the size of softballs, and cost a mere JPY120!
At any rate, they’re very heavy!

Takoban are made at the store below.

Takoban Komae

Covered in passionate messages from admirers, the shop’s exterior is decorated with numerous fans.


Takoban are so popular that even if they were fried from morning till night with no rest, demand would still not be met!
People visit from outside the prefecture just to buy takoban, and during holidays it’s not unusual for long lines to form outside the shop!
On the day I visited, there was a 15-minute wait.

There are many other items on the menu apart from takoban

Among the menu items, the one with the most overwhelming popularity is tamago takoban (egg takoban).
I too decided to try the egg takoban.


The batter is poured inside the molds and after sandwiching a raw egg and cabbage in between, they are finished.

The filling looks like this:


There is plenty of cabbage and egg, and they are mixed with an ample serving of sauce! As I was hungry, I was greedy and bought two, but they’re so voluminous that the other one was a take-out.

“How can they be so cheap?”

The answer lays with the nearby school.

With the original shop menu and prices, students with a growing child’s healthy appetite were not able to fill their stomachs, so the shop owner at the time created takoban to answer the students’ requests.
The prices, too, were fixed after negotiating with the students.
As a result, the store became a hot topic among the students and the store’s popularity spread all over the area.

Loved by the locals! A soul food born out of kindness!
If you get hungry on your drive around Shonai peninsula, come on by!

Takoban Komae
Homepage: http://www.mitoyo-y.com/komae/ (Japanese)

Prices found on the homepage have been kept the same… Please check the actual prices found on the menu at the store.

Address: 33-9 Nio-shin, Nio-cho, Mitoyo city, Kagawa prefecture
TEL: 0875-82-3189
Open: 9AM – 7PM
Holidays: Please check
Parking area: 12 spaces

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Seitaro Miki



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