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Hotel Seifukan on Osakikamijima Island Entertains Guests with First Rate Baths & Fine Cuisine

Around a 30 minute boat ride from Takehara port in the south of Hiroshima prefecture, the isolated Osakikamijima Island can be found floating on the Seto Inland Sea. Released in 2013, the island is also known as the location for the Japanese film Tokyo Family (directed by Yoji Yamada). On the island, you can find a hotel that entertains its guests with wonderful open-air baths and locally produced cuisine.

It’s a bit sudden, but this is the view from the open-air bath.

The Seto Inland Sea is right in front of your eyes! It’s a view from the open-air bath of Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan that just makes you want dive into the sea.

Let’s talk about the actual services of Kinoe Onsen Hotal Seifukan. We will introduce part of the dinner that comes with an accommodation plan.

This is sashimi made from fish that the head chef gets from local fishermen every morning. The soft yet lean meat has a sweetness to it!

This is anko nabe (monk-fish hot pot) made from Seto Inland Sea grown ingredients. In addition to the ingredients, the rich soup that is made using an original sea bream miso cooked for 8 hours is amazing!!

These are jibuni (duck meat stew style) oysters. It’s a satisfying dish enjoyed together with a sweet and salty sauce. In addition to this, there are so many delicacies made from Seto Inland Sea area ingredients that your stomach feels like it’s going to burst.

For those on a day trip, this is the very popular lunch♪
Osaki Umibiko Yamabiko Zen is made with plenty of fish – fruit of the sea (‘umi‘ = sea) – and plenty of shitake mushrooms that are the bounty of the mountains (‘yama‘=mountain).

Apparently, Osakikamijima Island’s shitake mushroom production accounts for a whopping 60% share of Hiroshima prefecture’s total shitake mushroom production.

These mushrooms, thick and with a texture that resembles abalone, have a presence that won’t lose to the seafood!
In addition to fresh local ingredients, the beauty of the numerous islands characteristic of the Seto Inland Sea is another treasure. It’s said that from Mt. Kannomine (453m) the highest summit on Osakikamijima Island, you have a view over as many as 105 islands!

View from Mt. Kannomine!

And in the evening, you can enjoy views like this!

“On nights of the full moon, Seifukan bathes in its light. Even the open air bath glistens with the light, and it’s truly beautiful”, Mr. Murakami, the hotel manager says with a smile.

How about a power charge and a taste of Mother Nature’s blessings at Osakikamijima Island?

Kinoe Onsen Hotel Seifukan

Address: 1900 Okiura, Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota district, Hiroshima prefecture
Tel: 0846-62-0555
http://www.hotel-seifukan.co.jp/ (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Izumi Furukawa

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Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa Hello. My name is Izumi Furukawa and I was born in Kagawa Prefecture. Before getting married in 2012, I wrote for various magazine companies and Internet based media organizations in Tokyo. After marrying, I moved to Hiroshima and am now raising my child as well as writing stories about my fascination with this area through Setouchi Finder. Most of the articles I write are about places I visit on weekends with my family. My favorite driving course is Route 375 from Saijyo to the Miyoshi Area, and my favorite food from the Hiroshima area is Anagomeshi (from Miyajima)!!


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