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Kobe Has Far More To Offer Than Just Kobe Beef – Here Are Our Top Gourmet Recommendations (Hyogo Prefecture)

Packed full with great stuff, Kobe is the gem of Hyogo Prefecture!

So, you have checked into your hotel and go out for a little sightseeing but…
Where do you go? What do you eat?
Since you’re in Kobe, surely Kobe beef, right…?
It’s hard to think of anything else, isn’t it?

But, before planting you face between the pages of a guidebook or rubbing the glass off your smartphone scrolling for good info… allow us to present, straight from our local writers:

The best gourmet spots in Kobe!

The Best Food In The World!

Along with experiencing all the local food a particular area has to offer, one great part of traveling is the food served at your lodging. At Kobe Kitano Hotel, you can taste a lot of the local delicacies in just one meal, and that without even staying there. So, if you feel a bit peckish in the morning, why not go there and try out their sumptuous breakfast?


You can of course stay there even if your only goal is to try out their breakfast. Have a look at the article below and all the wonderful pictures. Girls love the place! You will not be disappointed:


The Street Of Lunch Time Delicacies

When out traveling, it’s a good idea to decide in advance what to have for lunch at the destination. Have you ever found yourself having trouble deciding on one place because there are too many you want to go to? Here’s the shopping street for you!

Locals love the shops here and their vast array of foods. The entire street is filled with enticing smells and mouth-watering dishes. Why not try one of everything from one end to the other! And don’t miss the bokkake croquet!


Break Time With Coffee & Supreme Scones!

If you’re tired from walking too much and want to regain your strength with something sweet, Kobe is the perfect place for you! It’s packed with tasty sweets, so if you can’t decide where to go, have we got the place for you?! The hugely popular “Scone & Coffee M” is loved by local foodies and is the place to go.

“Scones can be found all over Japan, but they are all different from the real, authentic ones. I’ve tried many, and even though it is supposed to be a simple pastry to make, with simple ingredients, every single one lacks that something special. So, I decided I had to master the secret of baking scones in England and bring it back to Japan.”

本場イギリスのスコーンと和素材が融合した進化系スコーン/SCONE & COFFEE M(兵庫県神戸市)

Succulent Seafood By Akashi Kaikyo Bridge!

One of the greatest charms of Setouchi are the many bridges that criss-cross its waters. A large number of parks and ferries and other locations make good vantage points and offer great views of the bridges. Below is one of the very best.

This restaurant offer a particularly excellent view of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from its special seats.

Their paellas are packed with succulent seafood!

Just look at this stunning location!
Perfect for a date!

潮の香りと海風をひとりじめ!明石海峡大橋を一望する絶景カフェレストラン /N’OCEAN(兵庫県神戸市)

Yummy, reasonably-priced “Original” Soba With Rice & Beer!

You may wonder why it says “original”, when soba does not originate from Kobe. This is actually a special soba dish made by frying soba noodles on an iron plate together with rice and putting on a special sauce. Hailing from Nagata Ward, Kobe City, sobameshi, as it’s called, is a popular, cheap and delicious dish, and its “original” birthplace is this very restaurant.

It’s in Kobe, but it’s called Aomori…
Nonetheless, this really is the birthplace of sobameshi, so don’t worry and just go straight in!

Don’t forget your beer!
Regulars huddle together on the counter seats and enjoy their beer and sobameshi.

There is nothing better!

What do you think?

Tourist magazines are all well and good, but please also visit these places recommended by our local writers.

By the Setouchi Finder Editorial Dept.

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