Japan’s No.1 Wisteria Festival Featuring Blooms from All Over the Country!


Doesn’t this seemingly endless tunnel of wisteria just make you want to walk under it?
This is Fuji Park located in the town of Wake, Okayama prefecture.

Situated near a river in the midst of a mountain valley, Fuji Park has gathered around a 100 varieties of famous wisteria from all over Japan – the most wisteria in one place in the whole country.

Set at the river terrace, the main feature of Fuji Park is its super long wisteria trellis that has a total length of 500 meters.


As there are pathways underneath, you can take a walk through the tunnel while gazing up at the flowers.

As you advance along the wisteria trellis, there is a slight slope at the end, which forces you to climb up a bit. The wisteria trellis coming after the slope is our number one recommendation!


Famous wisteria from all over Japan is grown within the park. In addition, even rare Chinese varieties from overseas have been planted there.

The fact that there are plenty of varieties means that you can see colorful wisteria in purple, pink and white!


Subtle differences in color create a beautiful graduation.

Take a walk around the park and find your own special photo opportunity!


The best season to visit Fuji Park is from late April to the beginning of May. A wisteria festival is organized when the flowers bloom.

You can check the best time to see the wisteria on their homepage, too. In previous years, the best time has been around the 10th of May.
How about taking a walk through the tunnel of wisteria??
Fuji Park

Location: 1386-2 Fujino, Wake, Wake district, Okayama prefecture
Guide homepage: http://www.town.wake.okayama.jp/festival/fuji.php (in Japanese – blooming for 2015 is already over)

Blooming season: Late April thru early May
Admission: Adults JPY300, Children (Middle & elementary school students) JPY150
* Fees applicable only during the best flower viewing season

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka




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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

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