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Kaheimochi : Awaji Island’s Famous Sweet!

Did you know that on Awaji Island there is a sweet that cannot be bought at any other place in Japan?

Ask any islander what the most famous local sweet is and Kaheimochi will be the answer:
Sumiyoshido is a well-established Japanese confectionary established in 1887. Kaheimochi can only be purchased at the main store in Goshiki-cho, Sumoto city.


Well known in the region, Kaheimochi was named after Takadaya Kahei, a famous Awaji-born merchant.


Lightly flavored red bean paste wrapped with a soft sticky rice cake; it’s a flavor you could just go on eating! Apparently there are some people who can finish a whole box in one go.
When we asked if there are any other places they can be bought, we were told that: “Using the methods from the time of the store’s establishment, all the sweets we sell are handmade in the workshop at the back of the store. As we pay a lot of attention to keeping the original flavor, we keep them simple without adding anything unnecessary, and that’s why they don’t keep for a very long time.”

“Putting happiness into the sweets we serve” is the concept behind the Sumiyoshido main store. As well as being loved by locals, many fans come from off-island to buy the sweet that represents Awaji Island.


How about an Awaji Island souvenir that attracts visitors just to buy them?
Sumiyoshido Main Shop

Address: 212 Tsushi, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto city, Hyogo prefecture

Access: 5-minutes walk from the Goshiki bus terminal Toshi bus stop
Open: 7.00-19.00
Tel: 0799-33-0016
Holidays: No regular holidays
HP: http://www.shokokai.or.jp/28/2868511006/index.htm (Japanese)



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