Shimanami Highway & Innoshima Island Spring Scenery with Pyrethrum!


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Are you familiar with pyrethrum?
At Innoshima Island, one of the islands through which the Shimanami highway passes, pyrethrum were once popularly cultivated as ingredients for anti-mosquito incense!
During spring, the island’s trademark sweet white flowers bloom everywhere!


Though the flowers became obsolete due to the popularization of chemicals after WW2, even now pyrethrums are cultivated at 4 locations on the island, and are a part of the spring scenery!

One of those locations is the Innoshima Flower Center. A flower field and a huge greenhouse are found on top of a vast hill covered with lawn.

This is the view of inside the greenhouse. And admission to this flower center is, believe it or not, free!


The observation deck outside the greenhouse offers a magnificent view over the whole Flower Center, and you can see the Seto Inland Sea and some islands, too.
Visible in the foreground, the field of white pyrethrum flowers plays the main role at this time of year.

Growing up to 60cm high, they are perennial plants that belong to the Asteraceae family.
Taking a stroll along the pathway in the middle of the flower field feels almost as if you’re pushing through the pyrethrums as you walk. You can see the sea, as well, and it’s amazing!


If you continue north from the Flower Center, there is also a field of pyrethrum along the Shirataki Flower Line Drive as well.
This is a viewing point where you can admire Shimanami highway’s Innoshima Bridge together with the flowers!

The largest one is the pyrethrum field on the slope facing towards the Shigei West port.
This view with the pyrethrum and the port is one of the sights that truly represent Innoshima Island!


The slope is steep, so climbing up can be a little hard, but the pyrethrum along the way are worth it!

High-speed boats and ferries to and from Honshu (Mihara) arrive and leave from this port, so it’s conveniently accessible even without a car.

On previous years, the best time to go see the pyrethrum has been in mid-May.
A standard course is to use the Innoshima Flower Park as a base and tour around each of the flower fields!

How about a trip on the Shimanami highway in search of spring scenery?

Innoshima Flower Park

Location: 1182-1 Ibama, Shigei-cho, Innoshima island, Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture
Guide Homepage: (Japanese)
Blooming season: Mid-May
Admission: Free

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka




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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka / Photo-writer Born in 1974 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and currently living there, Hironobu is the president of Mediapolis Inc. "I travel around the country in Solar King, an eco-camping car that has a solar power generator, and film the beautiful scenery of Japan in high-definition. I want to move around the country as much as possible and leave behind videos of precious Japanese nature and scenery for future generations to enjoy. Although I travel all over the country, I love my home area of Setouchi." 'Healing Japan TV' - Traveling virtually around the country through 'healing videos'.


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