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Love Fishing?? Enjoy a Fishing Filled Holiday @ Awajishima Kanko Hotel!

On Awaji Island, along Sumoto city’s beach road, a signboard reads “Japan’s No.1 Fishing Hotel”.

And following the sign leads you to Awajishima Kanko Hotel.

Rather than ‘by the sea’, it’s almost as if the hotel was built ‘on the sea’.

The key word for having a good time at this hotel is without a doubt, “fishing”, and there’s a private fishing area for hotel guests only!


Throughout the year, you can catch various kinds of fish such as black rockfish, righteye flounder, horse mackerel, oval squid, scabbard fish, black porgy, largescale black fish and scorpion fish.
You can rent fishing gear for free, and a night-light is available for night fishing.

Naturally, you get to keep the fish you catch, and for a fee you can also have them prepared at the hotel!

In other words, the more you catch, the more luxurious your dinner will become!!



Even if you don’t happen to catch anything, rest assured that dinner served at the hotel is made using Awaji Island grown, top quality seafood.

From among the dishes served, we particularly recommend the “Awaji Island 3-Year Tiger Globefish”. Instead of the normal 2 years, 3 years are spent carefully raising the tiger globefish, so they have a far richer umami than usual.

The popular “Fuguzukushi” (‘Filled with Pufferfish”) accommodation plan starts with an aperitif called hirezake (hot sake with grilled fish fins), and continues with a truly luxurious course dinner of pufferfish dishes such as savory egg custard with soft roe, boiled puffer fish, puffer fish sashimi and deep fried puffer fish.


As it’s the best way to enjoy the great flavor of the 3-year Awaji Island tiger globefish, please try it as sashimi first.

With their simple radon hot spring waters, another fun aspect of a visit to the hotel is the Sumoto Onsen baths.


Truly as if floating on the ocean, the view of the deep blue sea from the open-air baths is, simply put, very refreshing.


For those who like spending a long time soaking, we recommend reserving one of the rooms with an open-air bath.

During summer, you can also enjoy the outdoor pool and sea kayaking!

(Photograph provided by Awajishima Kanko Hotel)

Time spent at Awajishima Kanko Hotel will certainly become a good memory for your children, as well.  How about choosing “fishing” as the theme for your next family trip?

Awajishima Kanko Hotel

Location: 1053-17 Orodani, Sumoto city, Hyogo prefecture

Tel: 0799-26-0111
Homepage: http://www.awakan.com/ (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Daisuke Chiba



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Daisuke Chiba

Daisuke Chiba

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