Hot Springs & Wonderful Ocean Views from EVERY Room @ at Kyukamura Setouchi Toyo!

A hot spring hotel where you can admire the beautiful Mt. Ishizutchi and the Seto Inland Sea, Kyukamura Setouchi Toyo is located within Setonaikai National Park.

A simple alkaline hot spring with hypotonic alkaline levels said to help with nerve and joint pains, and recovering from fatigue, etc., its source is thought to be Hondani hot spring, which, along with Dogo hot spring and Nibukawa hot spring, is one of the 3 great hot springs of Iyo.

The lobby, the rooms, the restaurant and even the baths all have ocean views. If you wish to spend your whole day gazing at the sea, this hotel will fulfill that wish.

This is the terrace outside the lobby.

At this time of year, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee here, gaze at the sea, and read a book, etc., and the stress of everyday life just seems to float away…


There are both Western and Japanese style guest rooms available. This is a Japanese style room…

From the window there’s a view of the Seto Inland Sea that seems out of this world…

The hotel is situated on top of a hill, so you can see islands located far away.

As the rooms are spacious (16.5 square meters), they’re perfect for families, as well.

This is the Western style room.

It’s wonderful waking up early and admiring the sunrise from your window.


The whole ocean side of the restaurant is covered with windows. Consisting of rows of delicious food, the weekend buffet is available to non-guests, as well. We also recommend eating lunch there – superb!

For dinner, you can choose either buffet-style or a course meal.

This is the course dinner.

You can enjoy fresh Seto Inland Sea seafood to your fullest!

It’s great to be able to enjoy fish that is in season, too.


It’s only a 20-minute car ride from central Imabari city. The location is also convenient for those who are on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage.

The very convenient limousine bus is available (upon reservation) from Matsuyama airport.
The shuttle bus runs from JR Nyugawa station, but if you take the highway bus from JR Imabari station and get off at the Kyukamura entrance, hotel staff will pick you up at the bus stop.

Even without your own transport, you can be assured of a stress-free fun stay.
Kyukamura Setouchi Toyo

Location: Kawarazu, Saijo city, Ehime prefecture
TEL: 0898-48-0311
Parking: Available
Shuttle service: Available
Homepage: (Japanese)

*Check details of the various accommodation plans on the homepage or by telephone.
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi



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