Setouchi Jam’s Garden: Hand-made Jam & Sweets with Glistening Seto Inland Sea Views!


We paid a visit to Setouchi Jam’s Garden, which is located on the goldfish-shaped Suooshima Island in Oshima District, Yamaguchi prefecture.

With the beautiful Setouchi Inland Sea in the background, we were welcomed by the shop’s cute signboard decorated with a ladybug. Like bugs lured by a sweet aroma, we hurried on towards the shop.

Depending on the season, you can find around 30 kinds of colorful jams lined up on the shop’s shelves.


Using local Shuooshima Island grown citrus and other fruits, each homemade jam’s raw ingredient is grown as pesticide-free and with as few agricultural chemicals as possible.


Right next to the shop there were deep red strawberries, and one by one, they were all carefully harvested.

There is also a sample corner where you can search for your favorite jam.


The shop’s most recommended jams are:

>Marmalade with Fully Ripened Kabosu and Kiwi<
>Fully Ripened Strawberry and Green Lemon Setouchi Rouge Jam<
>Tree Matured Yellow Lime and Cubed Fuji Apple Jam<

And in the shop café, among other tasty treats you can enjoy sweets made using their jams and marmalades, as well as fresh fruit.

The owner, Mr. Matsushima, recommended the “Marmalade Ginger” to us, which is made by mixing marmalade and jam together with ginger ale.


And here is the “Spring Strawberry Sweets Pizza”.

It’s made with the café’s carefully homegrown, fully ripe, 4-star strawberries that are red all the way through.

Mr. Matsushima says, “I’m happy when people come and taste the jams born here in Shuooshima.”

Just like the friendly smile of the owner, it’s a harmonious and sweet jam shop.

How about experiencing the Seto Inland Sea & Suooshima Island’s four seasons through the jams and sweets??

Setouchi Jam’s Garden
Location: 331-8 Hikuma, Suooshima, Oshima district, Yamaguchi prefecture
TEL: 0820-73-0002
Open: 10.00-18.00 (From November to the end of March, open until 17.00)
Closed: Wednesdays (However, Thursdays is jam selling only)
Reference Homepage: (Japanese)



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