Discovered in Dogo! A Legendary Sweet Loved by the Japanese Imperial Household!

Located in a residential area not far from Dogo Onsen, a well-known Japanese confectionary shop stands quietly.

Here you can find a sweet that even members of the Japanese Imperial household really like!

The name of the sweet is “Tsuru no Ko“.

Actually, half a century ago, due to the closing of the old Japanese sweet shop that produced it, “Tsuru no Ko” almost disappeared. However, Shigeru Nishioka, the owner of Nishioka Kashiho who had trained at the old shop, received a request and revived the sweet.

Trying to remember how it was when his superiors made it during his training years, he kept experimenting and went to a whole lot of trouble before he was satisfied with the final result.



The special characteristic of “Tsuru no Ko” is its softness and how it just melts in the mouth. It has the consistency of a marshmallow, and as you pop it in your mouth, right away you’re surprised by the soft texture that just melts on the tougue…

Along with the creamy filling made with fresh egg yolks, the secret lies in the skins that are made of egg whites whipped into a meringue before being shaped.

After eating one you’ll want to eat one more, then more… the delicious flavor captivates everyone!

Although the shop was bustling with customers, two generations of the Nishioka family quickly agreed to our interview request. “We’re a small family-owned shop,” they say humbly, but I’m sure that their warm personalities is one of the reasons the shop is so popular.

Great news for “Tsuru no Ko” fans: The second generation is currently in training!


“Tsuru no Ko” can only be purchased at Nishioka Kashiho, in Dogoichiman, Matsuyama city. As they’re very popular, they sometimes sell out by early afternoon. However, if you make a telephone reservation, they will put your reservation aside.

A rarity that can only be bought at this store, they will certainly be souvenirs that make both family and friends happy!

Nishioka Kashiho
Address: 9-56 Dogoichiman, Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture
Telephone: 089-925-5642
Open: 9.00-17.00

Closed: Sundays
Parking: Space for 3-4 cars
URL: (Japanese)
Facebook: (Japanese)


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