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Stay at a New, Romance-Filled Natural Hot Spring With Waters Sourced 1500m Underground!

On April 25th, 2015, new lodging facilities were opened at Kamegaike hot springs, which are located on Sadamisaki Peninsula, the longest peninsula in Japan!
A relaxing, carefree experience…
Today we’d like to introduce a superior quality outdoor hot spring, Sadamisaki’s delicious cuisine and the newly established facilities.



The name of the hot springs, Kamegaike, comes from the name of the pond located right next door.
There is an old legend related to the pond about a giant crab and an enko (a monster that resembles another creature from Japanese myths, the kappa).
The giant crab used to live in another pond, but it grew so large that it changed places with the enko that lived in the pond next to the facilities. However, as the giant crab swam around, it often turned over the locals’ boats, so a Shinto priest confined the crab to the deepest part of the pond.
The baths at Kamegaika hot springs get their hot water from the natural springs that flow up from 1500 meters underground. The hot waters are slightly alkaline so they freshen the tired body.
Among other facilities, there is an outdoor bath, a family bath, a sauna, and a stone sauna.
Bathe with nature to cure both the body and the mind…

This is the family bath.
Reserve it to have a relaxing family bath time.



There are both Western and Japanese style rooms available. The Western style rooms accommodate up to 2 guests and the Japanese style rooms up to 4. All rooms have a television, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven, making them really convenient.
This is the Western style room.



You can see the park from the window of this lovely room; it’s a very relaxing sight. And the price is really surprising: A room for 2 is JPY5000 a night!
This is the Japanese style room. And the same fees apply here, too!



It’s also possible to reserve a room only for resting without actually staying over. It’s nice to relax in the room after taking a bath.


You can also enjoy a meal at the ‘local style’ restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood caught from the Bungo Channel. We recommend the following cuisine:
“Seto Gozen” JPY1350 (tax incl.)


This dish, with plenty of Ikata’s famed young sardines, is a delicious bargain!



“Sadamisaki Seafood Ricebowl” JPY1380 (tax incl.)
The seafood chosen for the sashimi changes according to the season, but it’s all freshly caught.

A local style restaurant where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood delivered directly from the Sadamisaki peninsula? Do come and try it after your bath.
In addition to these facilities, there’s also a market where you can buy freshly harvested local agricultural produce, handicrafts made by local craftsmen, and processed goods made from local produce.
They all make great souvenirs!
The hot springs are located in a quiet area close to the Uwa seaside exit of the Sadamisaki Melody Line.
How about staying over at these freshly finished facilities on your next trip to Ehime?


Kamegaike Onsen
Location: 1289 Futami, Ikata-cho, Nishiuwa district, Ehime prefecture
Inquiries: (TEL) 0894-39-1160
Business hours: 10.00-21.00
Parking: Available
Closed: Every 4th Thursday of the month
HP: http://www.kamegaike.com/ (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi



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