Magical ‘Sea of Fog’ from the Mt. Takatani Observation Deck (Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is situated in a mountain basin, and the Mt. Takatani Observation Deck is famous for being an excellent vantage point to view the thick ‘sea of fog’ that completely covers the city from autumn to early spring. I woke up early one morning at the beginning of October to behold this phenomenon for myself.

The following conditions are necessary for the ‘sea of fog’ to appear:

・October – March
・Little wind and clear skies
・High atmospheric pressure to boost radiative cooling

Accessing the Mt. Takatani Observation Deck

Mt. Takatani is the nearest mountain to the city of Miyoshi. The Mt. Takatani Observation Deck is located at an altitude of 490m above sea level, and as it’s only about 700m from the foot of the mountain, it is accessible on foot. However, if you are planning on going before sunrise, it’s safer to go by car as it is pretty dark.

There’s a 30-space parking area about 300m from the observation deck, but as it quickly fills up during the October – March period, I recommend getting there about an hour before sunrise.

After a short, gentle walk up the mountainside, you arrive at the observation deck. (It has two levels in order to accommodate as many visitors as possible.)

The Anticipated Morning Sun

As the sun starts to peek out above the sea of fog, the deck fills up with people wanting to catch a glimpse of the morning light.

I move towards the front of the group and am promptly captivated by the slowly rising sun. Completely free of obstructions, I have a splendid view of the gentle morning sun ascending above the calm sea of fog.

The phenomenon can only be seen under specific weather conditions, but it is something everyone should try to experience. It is definitely worth seeing.

Soaking Up The Night View

When the fog lifts, you also have a great view of the city of Miyoshi. The twinkling city lights are especially attractive during cold winters when the air humidity is low.

Seeing the gradual change from fog to night sky is really quite magical.

Please come to the Mt. Takatani Observation deck on a clear morning. Even if you are struck by bad luck and the fog is nowhere to be seen, don’t fret! The night scenery is nothing short of fantastic.


Mt. Takatani Observation Deck
Address: Awayamachi, Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture
Tel: 0824-64-0066
Parking: 30 spaces
Access: 15 min by car from JR Miyoshi Station. 20 min by car from Miyoshi IC on Chugoku Expressway.

Setouchi Finder photo-writer: Yusuke Minami



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Hyogo: Sannomiya Station, Shinkobe Station, Himeji Station
Okayama: Okayama Airport, Okayama Station, Kurashiki Station
Hiroshima: Hiroshima Airport, Hiroshima Station South Exit (BIGFRONT Hiroshima), Hiroshima Otemachi
Yamaguchi: Iwakunikintaikyo Airport, Iwakuni Station, Ube Airport
Tokushima: Tokushima Airport, Tokushima Chuo
Kagawa: Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Airport
Ehime: Matsuyama Station, Matsuyama Airport, Matsuyama Sanbancho
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Written by

Yusuke Minami

Yusuke Minami

Yusuke Minami I was born in 1981 in Kagoshima and currently live in Fukuyama City. I used to work as a management staff member in the world of pro-wrestling. At that time, I travelled around a lot, then one day I was in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture and I saw the Tomono Ura scenery. I immediately fell in love and moved to Fukuyama. Since 2013, I have been working as a chiropractor and representative at Shin-Sakamoto Chiropractic at the Fukuyama Korono World mall. As a sideline, I also run the Bingo no Machikado Shashin - a site dedicated to showing the world the charms of the Bingo area.


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