Famous Flower Park with Full Outdoor Facilities & Easy Access from the Chugoku Yamanami Highway!


A vast flower field with different flowers in full bloom every season, Bihoku National Hillside Park is located in Shobara city, Hiroshima prefecture. It’s the only national park in the Chugoku region, and with the opening of the Chugoku Yamanami highway, accessing the area became much more convenient. It’s currently one of the area’s hottest sightseeing spots!

Even within the park, “Hana no Hiroba” (‘Flower Square’) is a colorful 1.5 hectare dream-like space filled with flowers of the season every season!

During the Haru Matsuri from April through May, tulips, violets, poppies and other flowers open up in full bloom one after another making it the most colorful time of the year.


And in autumn, when the cosmos are in full bloom, one side of the park turns into an area of vivid pink.

Further on, even outside “Flower Square”, there are several other places within the park where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal flowers.

For example, the “Minori no Sato” picnic area blooms with nemophila in May, and during summer the whole area is filled with sunflowers in full bloom.



However, the charm of Bihoku Hillside Park doesn’t lie just with its flowers, it’s also filled with facilities for enjoying the outdoors.

For example, Kunikane Pond, which is next to “Flower Square”, can be crossed via a large suspension bridge to access an athletic course with 29 different kinds of facilities.



It takes around 2 hours to go around the whole course, but let’s try finishing it while enjoying some comfortable forest bathing!

In addition, within the vast grounds there is also a cycling course that you can go around with rental bicycles.

The 8-hectare large lawn area has a barbeque corner, as well as a large-scale playground called Kyuu no Oka that is hugely popular with kids. The area has over 40 other different types of playground equipment including the “Jet roller slider”!



Moving on, dotting the Bihoku Auto Village, an auto camping area set up within the park, you can also find fully furnished cottages with facilities such as kitchens, showers, baths, toilets and beds.

It’s a high-quality camping area that has even been awarded 5-star certification as it fills the highest standards set by the Japanese AutoCamping Federation (JAC).



Though it’s an also ideal spot for a family trip during summer vacations, you shouldn’t miss winter at Bihoku Hillside Park.

At “Hiba no Sato”, sights from life in the Chugoku mountain region as well as nostalgic hometown scenery are recreated while peonies that bloom in winter can also be enjoyed.

As the park is located in the northern part of Hiroshima prefecture, during winter you can also see flowers in the middle of snowy scenery.



During winter (from mid-November through mid-January), the park holds winter concerts with illuminations as well as many other types of events!

We also highly recommend seeing the daffodils that bloom in early spring! In the largest daffodil garden, which is located in “Minori no Sato”, you can see a whole hill covered with garden daffodils in full bloom.

Some precious daffodils such as the “Bihoku no Oka” and “Shobara no Haru” varieties can only be seen here.

Along with the changing seasons, visitors can enjoy flower viewing all year long at Bihoku National Hillside Park.

With courses available for cycling and athletics, as well as an autocamping area, it’s an extensive park where you can enjoy nature to its fullest!


Bihoku National Hillside Park

Location: 4-10 Mikkaichi-cho, Shobara city, Hiroshima prefecture (Bihaku National Hillside Park Management Center)
Guide Homepage: http://www.bihoku-park.go.jp/ (Japanese)

Admission: Adults (high school students & older) JPY400, Silver (65 years & over) JPY210, Children (Elementary & middle school students) JPY80

Parking: Normal passenger cars JPY310
Open: Spring (March 1st thru June 30th) 9.30-17.00. Summer (July 1st thru August 31st) 9.30-18.00. Autumn (September 1st thru October 31st) 9.30-17.00. Winter (November 1st thru the end of February) 9.30-16.30.
Closed: Every Monday (When Monday is a national holiday, closed on the Tuesday), New Year’s holidays (December 31st thru January 1st)


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka




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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

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