Antique Lover? Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum is Filled with Retro Glass from the Meiji & Taisho Periods!


Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum is a great place for antique lovers and only a 3-minute walk from Dogo Onsen’s main building. It’s located within Yamanote Garden Place, the new Dogo hotspot that’s gaining the attention of young women!
As you go through the entrance gate, you’ll see this beautiful porch. The museum is located in the basement immediately below.

Created by Faustig, a German company that takes pride in making items of the highest quality, this lovely chandelier featuring Swarovski crystals hangs elegantly above the staircase!


Within the museum there are over 300 pieces of rare Edo, Meiji and Taisho era glass art works on display.

Perfectly capturing the chic aesthetic sense of our ancestors, each awe-inspiring piece is of the highest design quality. While admiring the works, it’s easy to forget the flow of time…

With origins in the Dutch word ‘diamant’ and the Portuguese word ‘diamante’, ‘Giyaman’, the name of the museum, means ‘diamond’. As diamonds are used for cutting glass, the name refers especially to cut glass and colorless glass, as well as thick glass.


They’re all so lovely that for a while I forget about taking photographs, and just stare in awe.

Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum is just the right kind of space to tour around if you have a little extra time while sightseeing.

We recommend it as a place where you can easily get in touch with art.

Further on, the European style garden and a café, which is linked to the museum, is a popular date spot…

By the way, it was lunchtime on the weekend on the day of our interview, and the place was so popular that all the seats were full.


Within the facilities there is also a guesthouse where order-made weddings are held. Beyond the garden, there is the kind of wedding chapel that all women dream about…

Well then, to all of you who have read until this point and thought, “I want to go”, I’ll give you a piece of useful information!


At the Dogo Tourist Information Center located right next to Dogo Onsen station, you can get discount coupons for Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum that offer 10% off the admission fee. You can also download discount coupons at the museum’s official website.

If you come for a visit, do check them out.

Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum
Address: 459-1 Dogosagidani-cho, Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture
Tel: 089-933-3637
Admission: Adults JPY600, Children JPY400
Open: All year round

Times: Museum 9.00-22.00
Shop: 9.00-23.00

Café: 9.00-23.00
Access: Take the tramcar from Matsuyama station and get off at Dogo Onsen station, the last stop. The museum is located a 5-minute walk away


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