Niku Mosso: Local Cuisine Made by the Moms of Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture!

In Naka town, which is located in Mitoyo city, Kagawa prefecture, there is an extremely popular dish made by local moms with an average age of 73. This dish is sold only once a month and on those days long lines form and the 200 pieces are sold out within one hour.

And this is that dish!

It’s called “niku mosso“.

Though it may look like a rice ball made from mixed rice, there’s a twist.

The filling is made by simmering a total of 7 ingredients such as beef, great burdock and tofu in stock made by soaking dried shitake mushrooms in water. After separating the ingredients and the stock, first the filling is mixed together with white cooked rice. After that, the stock is added into the mixture a little bit at a time while stirring. Apparently, the timing of this stage is the key point.

The rice soaked with the soup stock has a unique texture that just melts in the mouth. If you take just one bite, you’re sure to be addicted.


As many people wanted to try and make them at home, the recipe was published but…
Everyone feels that that “niku mosso made by the moms of Mitoyo city are the best!”

I wonder what the knack behind the flavor is… “It’s a company secret,” the moms answered laughing.

Members of the Toyonaka community creation promotion group that has been acknowledged by the city make the highly popular niku mosso.

Ms. Yaeko Kondo, the representative of the group, brings the members together.


In March 2014, the group served niku mosso, which taste delicious even when cool, at an event held together with the whole region, and they received high praise from all the participants!

They started the current activities with the thought, “Let’s make this into a product for the future.”

Their aim is to use niku mosso as an opportunity to let people know more about Mitoyo city and increase the number of people who would like to visit the town and live there.

Each Niku mosso is the size of your palm.

In the future they might just affect a small town greatly in the hands of the local moms!


Toyonaka promotion group for community creation
Office TEL: 0875-62-5210

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Seitaro Miki



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