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Wonderful Seto Inland Sea Sea Kayaking Experience – Great Fun Even for Beginners!

If you visit the Seto Inland Sea region, the sea will of course play a great role in your trip. Playing by the seashore, taking photographs, enjoying drives and cycling, eating delicacies… There are many ways to enjoy it.


This time we’d like to introduce sea kayaking, an activity that allows you to enjoy the Setouchi Sea with your whole body.

Between low and high tide, the sea level in the Setouchi region varies by 3-4 meters, and depending on the time of day, there will be streams that flow like rivers, and depending on the place you may also witness enormous tidal whirlpools.

On the other hand, there are calm mirror-like tranquil waters typical of inland seas, which are perfect for sea kayaking. Sliding along without creating any waves or sound, the kayaks take us to another world beyond everyday life.



As I’m a beginner, I took a trial course.

Even children can try!


The kayaks are designed for one person or two, so parents can go together with their children.



We have a lesson from the staff on how to use a paddle starting from zero. Even if you don’t understand there’s nothing to worry about, the staff will kindly teach you.

Practice is over, and finally we head off!

It’s the beginning of an adventure.



We leave the sandy beach behind, and follow the staff as a group.

All the other participants were very skilled and I thought I’d be left behind.



The kayaks glide along on the glistening sea. Riding a kayak on a sea like this allows you to experience a world without sound, which is only broken by the occasional cry of a bird flying over.
All you can see is the blue sea and islands covered in green.



Our goal is a pure white sandy beach that can only be accessed via the sea.

“Come on everyone, let’s do our best!” one of the staff shouts, encouraging us for the last spurt!

And all together, we reach the sandy beach!



A private beach with only us there…

The children head right into the sea as soon as we reach the beach and swim to their heart’s content in the translucent water.

Experiencing a moment of pure bliss, the grown-ups enjoy a cup of coffee in the shade of the trees.

And then, with great reluctance, we return to the beach from where we left. By the time we reached the shore, everyone was used to paddling and the trip back went by in no time.



The sun had begun its journey to the west and our fun kayaking experience had also reached its end.

We thoroughly recommend experiencing kayaking in Setouchi as it allows you to enjoy the sea and nature to their fullest, whether you’re a child or an adult, and even if it’s your first time.

The best season for sea kayaking is from September through November.

How about giving it a try?


Ecotourism at Kamijima’s outlying island at Seto Inland Sea’s islands (Kamijima Tourist Association Office)

Location: 1042 Yugehsimoyuge, Kamijima-cho, Ochi district, Ehime prefecture
Tel: 0897-72-9277
Parking: Available
http://kamijima.info/ecotour/kayak/ (Japanese)
Fees: Trial course (JPY6000 / person) Half-day tour (JPY6000 / person), 1-day tour (JPY12000 / person), camping tour (Starting from JPY24000 / person)

*In principal, a reservation is required at least 5 days in advance.

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi


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