Taishakukyo Valley Walking Course – Part 1 – The Chugoku Region’s No.1 Ravine!

Onbashi, this enormous natural bridge, overwhelms everyone who sees it!

Located in the Taishakukyo Valley in northeastern Hiroshima prefecture, Onbashi has been designated a natural monument.

Centered around Onbashi, this time we’d like to introduce a walking course that takes visitors around the ravine’s famous spots.

With a total length of 18 km, the Taishakukyo Valley is a large ravine that, as well as being counted among Japan’s 5 most well known ravines, has also been designated as a place of scenic beauty.

With a walking trail that follows Taishaku River, the northern area of this enormous valley is called Kamitaishaku.



This is the starting point of our walking course, which is around 1.2 km from Onbashi.

This is the starting point of our walking course, which is around 1.2 km from Onbashi.


As the course is level with only minor ups and downs, you can enjoy some comfortable forest bathing while walking.

Listening to the murmuring of the river while walking along the course surrounded by green is purely refreshing!

By the way, bicycles are also allowed on the trail, and can be rented at the valley entrance. Even those who don’t feel too confident about their legs, loins, or stamina can easily tour the ravine’s most well known spots on a bicycle!

Taishakukyo Valley highlights don’t end at Onbashi. Creating karst terrain as the river eroded the limestone plateau, the valley is dotted with peculiar and strangely shaped rocks.



An enormous rock with a cave going through it, this is “Oni no Karamon”.

It’s located around 300 meters from the start of the walking course, and can be seen after climbing up the rocks a bit.



The cave is around 8 meters high. You have to watch your step, but it’s possible to walk through to the other side.

And this is located a further 900 meters from Oni no Karamon

You’ll see an enormous natural bridge curving over the river. This is Onbashi!

At 90 meters long, 19 meters wide, and 40 meters high, it’s one of the world’s top 3 natural bridges.



Gazing up at the bridge, you feel its incredible impact!

It’s around 18 meters from the surface of Taishaku River to the bridge above.



I pass under Onbashi and reach the other side. Its overwhelming presence makes me turn around again and again!

Though the Taishaku Valley walking course continues on, turning back at Onbashi is not a bad idea.



By the way, this is Somen-taki waterfall.

Located a further kilometer from Onbashi, this is the finishing point of the Taishaku River walking trail.

From here, located to the south, there is also a trail that leads to Jinryu Lake. It’s a mountain trail and the footpath is steep, so if going, you’ll need the necessary equipment.

This time I turned around and went back the same way I came, all the way to the entrance, but there are still plenty of other highlights to see on this walking course.

In the second installment of the Taishakukyo Valley walking course, I will introduce a spectacular limestone cave!


Taishakukyo Valley
Location: 490-8 Taishakuuyama, Tojo-cho, Shobara city, Hiroshima prefecture
Guide Homepage: http://shobara-info.com/229 (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka


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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

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