Iwai Falls: A Waterfall You Can Admire from Inside !


Located in the northernmost part of Okayama prefecture, Iwai Falls can be admired from the inside.

Found deep in the forest at the foot of the 830-meter Mt. Mikunigasen that sits between the prefectures of Tottori and Okayama, the falls are about 400 meters along a mountain trail from the parking area, which makes access relatively easy.



A river flows on the right side of the trail leading to the waterfall, and you can enjoy some comfortable forest bathing while listening to the murmuring of the stream.


Selected among Japan's top 100 springs by the Japanese Ministry of Environment, Iwai's famous spring is 100 meters in front of the waterfall. Located right at the point where you start to feel fatigue from climbing the trail, the spring water tastes delicious and quenches your thirst!

By the way, this spring water is highly valued by locals as "water of fertility" because, according to legend, a certain villager drank the spring water for 21 days and was finally able to have a long-awaited child.



I head off again along the trail. After climbing for a while, I see the Iwai Falls. The waterfall is around 10 meters high and 6 meters wide.

It's not a big waterfall at all, but thanks to the andesite bedrock sticking out of the top, a cavern was formed that visitors can enter and get behind the falling water.



Passing under the enormous bedrock and walking behind the waterfall is a somewhat thrilling experience!

This is the "water curtain" as seen from behind.



The best season to visit is during summer when the fresh greens are just starting to show, but the changing colors of autumn are also beautiful, and apparently during winter the falls freeze and you may get to see an icefall.

How about a peek at the mysterious scenery from behind the waterfall? 


Iwai Falls

Location: 1830 Kamisaibara, Kagamino-cho, Tomata district, Okayama prefecture
Guide Homepage: http://www.okayama-kanko.jp/modules/kankouinfo/pub_kihon_detail.php?sel_id=270&sel_data_kbn=0


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka


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