Guggenheim House: A Lovely Western Style Residence in Shioya, Kobe.

Shioya, a town with an exotic ambience, is found in the western part of Kobe.

Houses stand along the area’s steep hill roads, and if you walk up the stairs that suddenly appear and walk a while through the narrow zigzagging alleys, you'll find they're dotted with western-style houses of a bygone era.

Among the western-style houses of Shioya, which used to be a villa area for foreign citizens, you'll find Guggenheim House painted impressively in white and turquoise.



Guggenheim House is a colonial style residence that was built by a German merchant named Guggenheim in 1909.

The house pleases the eye with a very spacious veranda, 5 connected arches, a beautifully decorated spiral staircase, and, among many other items, chandeliers with a simple retro designs.



Along with the fireplace and simply designed lighting, an organ and a chair found in one of the rooms have been kept as they used to be at the time. You can sense a little of how everyday life was in those days.


Today, Guggenheim House is used in many ways. Numerous events such as weddings and concerts as well as courses are held within its premises, making it a place that connects people with one another. How about a visit on your next day off?

Guggenheim House

Address: 3-5-17 Shioya-cho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe city
Tel: 078-220-3924
Free entrance every 3rd Thursday of the month 12:00-17.00 (no reservation required)
No parking area (Please use the nearby coin parking area)
http://www.nedogu.com/ (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Futoshi Hineno



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