Hot springs, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and an amusement park all in one place! 2 days and 1 night is not enough to enjoy this attractive resort. / Reoma Resort (Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture)【PR】

“Reoma Resort” is located outside of the city, overlooking the town of Kagawa, at the foot of Mount Nekoyama (Cat Mountain).

This place is very crowded with many people from inside and outside of Japan every day, many of whom are attracted by the resort.

Surprised at the price of the stay!

I arrived at 13:00 on Tuesday, and I thought there would not be so many people there because it was a weekday.
But my guess was totally wrong.
There were so many people enjoying the lunch buffet inside the hotel, and the restaurant itself was filled to capacity!
The one-day trip plan is really popular because you can enjoy a gorgeous buffet and hot springs at the same time, and many people come here even from outside of Kagawa Prefecture.
And not only at lunch time but also the stay at the night… Surprisingly, the 241 rooms of this hotel are fully occupied almost every day, even on ordinally weekdays!

And I soon found the reason why.

You can enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet (with so many gorgeous cuisines), and the hot springs (having some spacious open-air baths), but you only have to pay only 8,990yen per person for a 1-night stay on weekdays (including dinner and a breakfast buffet, for a group of 3 people staying in 1 room).
Also, you can use the shuttle bus from Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, and Okayama, and the fee is only 1,500yen for the round trip (only on weekdays)!
What a great service!
It is now obvious why so many people have to come here to enjoy the food and hot springs with this “too reasonable” price!

You can find various kinds of types and sizes of rooms here, either Japanese style or Western style.
The room in this picture is a “Japanese modern room”, and you can see a beautiful mountain in the distance outside of the window.
The conical-shaped mountain is Iino-yama, also known as “Sanuki Fuji (Mt. Fuji of Kagawa).”
There is a great view from the balcony, overlooking the Kagawa plains, the Seto Inland Sea and even the Seto Ohashi (Seto Bridge).

Do not miss the sunset, and the view is absolutely a breathtaking!

Please make your reservation on the page below!

Even foreigners fall in love with the all-you-can-eat buffet!

This hotel’s the most special feature is the all-you-can-eat buffet, and you should be surprised at its wide variety of menu items!

“Crabs festival” and “Hokkaido buffet” were the themes of buffet till March 2018, so I actually enjoyed various crab dishes (which is pretty much a luxury food in Japan), and so many other food from Hokkaido.
Most of the tourists from outside of Japan are just fascinated by the buffet’s magnificent selection and highly recommend it.
Well, if you see the flag saying “crab festival,” then maybe you want to concentrate on eating only crabs.
But don’t do that!
I experienced this buffet and understand that the best way is to explore all of the buffet and have as many dishes as you can.

You can of course find Sushi and Sashimi, as standard dishes.
There is also pasta, paella, dim sum, and so on…
The total number of Japanese Western, and Chinese food dishes is 120!
See? If you had a small piece of each dish, it would be pretty difficult to have all of them in one sitting.
But each dish has a great quality and taste, so I recommend you try as many as you can!

The chefs serve you some steaks or grilled meat or seafood cooked in front of you at the open kitchens, and I bet you will find out that the food and service are more than satisfactory!
The “Kyusyu Delicious buffet” and “Tuna festival” will start from April, 2018.
I just can’t wait for the start!
I understand that there are so many repeat customers coming back here because the theme of buffet changes at each season.

Relaxing at the open-air bath in the great outdoors!

After you have satisfied yourself with great food, you definitely have to enjoy the hot springs!

You can feel your mind and body fully relax when you are in the big open-air bath in the woods.
This hot spring is good for neuralgia, muscle pain, and so on, and it makes your skin so smooth and warm from inside of your body.

There are many kinds of bath such as those with herbs or other ingredients good for the body.
For example, I found a lavender bath and collagen bath when I visited there.
Also, each bath has different temperature settings, so you can choose your favorite bath from various kinds available.
I think you will forget about the time while you try one after another.

Even little kids can enjoy a lot at the amusement park

“NEW Reoma World” is located next to the hotel has the big Ferris wheel, the big Swing ride “Bird Flyer” with a height of 59m, and some roller coasters including a VR type.
That means everyone from kids to adults can enjoy this amusement park.

I especially like this place because there are many attractions or interactive facilities where 2 or 3-year-old kids can enjoy themselves very much.

“Gokco Town” has 19 shops which help kids decide what they wish to be when they grow up, such as a bakery, a flower shop, or a Sushi restaurant and so on.
Kids can experience how people work there with so many attractive devices or gimmicks in there.
I know that when little kids go in there once, they do not leave there for hours!

Please check the schedule for illumination events, 3D projection mapping, and the “Miraculous auroras show” which you can see auroras in the sky!

Do not miss the “Oriental Trip” area!

The “Oriental Trip” area became one of my favorite spots in the Reoma Resort.
You take the longest escalator in Japan to get there, which is 42m in height and 96m in length, and requires a time of 3 minutes and 14 seconds!

The entrance looks just like a Mosque, and you can also find a great temple from the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia.
I just felt it was like taking a fast trip to foreign countries.
There are so many colorful tulips right now, and the great rose garden will be opened on the 12th of May, 2018, so please take a walk there in the fine morning or afternoon.

Don’t miss the 360 degrees 3D projection mapping and the illumination show on the temple at the night time!

Actually, I was so moved I got goose bumps when I experienced the projection mapping with the sound and illumination for the first time!

Gosh! There is so much more information I would like to mention here, but I have no more space!
I think you understand that 2 days are not enough time to enjoy all the points and places of Reoma Resort, right?
So, please be prepared and just try to enjoy everything Reoma Resort provides for you!

Reoma Resort
Address/40-1, Kurikumanishi, Ayauta-cho, Marugame-shi, Kagawa
Open/Lunch buffet 11:30~14:30(Check in till 14:00)|Dinner buffet 17:00~20:30(Check in till 20:00)、Friday and Sunday ~21:30(Check in till 20:30)、Saturday and before the holiday 16:30~21:30(Check in till 20:30)|Hot springs 11:30~22:00
Closed/Only for maintenance
Phone/0570-041267(Hotel Reoma no Mori)
0877-86-1071(NEW Reoma World)
Accommodation charge/from 8,990 yen (including dinner and breakfast/more than 3 adults using 1 room)

Photographs and text by Yuuki Bando

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Written by

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki was born and raised in Tokushima and speaks both English and Japanese with a cute Tokushima dialect. Her cherished motorcycle is Bonneville T100 (Triumph) with pop colors – ivory and tangerine orange. She is now experiencing the second visit the Shikoku eighty-eight temples as an “ohenro-san” (pilgrim), and she will do it maybe several more times! Yuuki worked for a local wooden furniture maker for 7 years and was in charge of all operations in English, such as translation for communicating with foreign companies and designers, interpretation at meetings or exhibitions held in Milan (Italy), Kortrijk (Belgium), and Tokyo. And now she is supporting many companies and foreign designers (inside/outside of Japan) as an agent, helping their business go smoothly on a long-term basis. Tour guide has also become one of business now, registered as a "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter," “Kagawa Setouchi Local Government Licensed Guide Interpreter”, and also a “Setouchi Islands’ Guide” for Setouchi Triennale Official Tour.


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