Imabari Ramen: Made with Clear Fish Soup Stock & Recommended by Bari-san, too!

Have you ever eaten Imabari ramen?

It’s so delicious that even the Imabari mascot character, Bari-san, recommends it!

In the local Imabari dialect he says, “Maa ippen tabetemiton” which translates as, “Well, let’s try it at least once.”

The fish that swim in the tidal currents of Kurushima channel, one of the three big currents in Japan, are said to be the most delicious of the country!

Prepared only in shio (‘salt’) style, Imabari ramen broth is made using those fish.

Currently there are 7 shops in Imabari city that offer Imabari ramen. This time we will introduce Mitsuya.


Developed by a local fisherman, the soup broth at Mitsuya is made using dried scorpionfish as well as other seafood such as turban shells.

What a beautiful clear broth it is!


Apologies for the wait! Here is Mitsuya’s Imabari Ramen.

Let’s chow down!

The soft fragrance of the sea~

Squeeze on some lemon juice and add yuzu-chili-pepper paste according to your preference…

Even those who don’t like the smell of fish won’t mind it in this dish. A Kurushima channel specialty, the turban shells topping is also characteristic of this dish! The crunchy shells grown in Miyakubo, Oshima Island are very addictive!

This is a sumaki, an Imabari specialty made by wrapping kamaboko (steamed fish paste) in straw to create the shape. With the Imabari ramen mark on the top, you’ll certainly find it in every bowl of Imabari ramen.


Imabari ramen began its conquest of the entire country with an Imabari ramen shop appearing at the 2014 Tokyo Ramen Show!

Soon you’ll have the chance to try Imabari ramen even in Tokyo. When you see it, just say “Maa, ippen tabetemiton!” (‘Well, let’s try it out at least once!’)


Kurume Ramen Mitsuya
Address: 5-1-18 Tokiwa-cho, Imabari city, Ehime prefecture
TEL: 0898-32-3227
Parking: For 11 vehicles
Open: 11:00-23:00
Closed: Tuesdays
Referred homepage: (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi



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