The Onomichi Denim Project : Used Jeans Born of Daily Life!

When talking about denim of the Setouchi area, the Kojima area of Okayama prefecture is well-known.


We have already introduced ‘Jeans Street’ [ link: ] and the denim project [ link: ] that connects makers with users, but this time we’d like to talk about denim from Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture, and will introduce a unique project that uses jeans to introduce the people, work and life in the area.



The people central to the Onomichi Denim Project are these lovely ladies: Ms. Hamano (left), and Ms. Ogawa (right).

The day we visited to research this article was the day the denim is changed, so we took a shot of them holding some of the jeans, and I think we caught some nice smiles!

But what exactly does “changing denim” mean?



Onomichi Denim is unique in that it is created in a super analog way by having local people wear it!

People who work and live in Onomichi, such as fishermen, hunters and even monks, wear the jeans for 1 year.



The denim is collected once a week and sent to the denim processing facility in Shimane prefecture where it’s washed after being checked by a professional. After being washed with a detergent specifically designed for denim, the jeans are returned to the wearers. After 1 year, the denim has faded properly and is sold as Onomichi Denim.

The way in which the Onomichi Denim fades perfectly reflects the work and lifestyle of the person who wore it. These particular jeans came from a fisherman. Their special feature is the mark just under the knee, which was left behind by rubber boots.


A person working in a factory wore this pair. Their characteristic color comes from iron powder that has penetrated the fabric.

If you compare them with one-wash denim, you can clearly see how the color has faded.



Worn by a hunter, these jeans that have slight blood-like remnants on them. It’s a kind of work particular to this area, where wild boar are often hunted.

The denim worn by the people of Onomichi is, of course, unique. Every pair of jeans is characterized by how the have been used.

A total of 720 pairs of jeans are worn by around 360 people (including those currently in the making).

Through this denim, customers get in touch with the life, work and people of Onomichi.

In addition to the local ONOMICHI DENIM SHOP, Onomichi Denim is also sold in other regions via the “ONOMICHI DENIM CARAVAN”, a traveling panel and display marketing event. Check their homepage, if you feel interested.



Location: 1-2-23 Kubo, Onomichi city, Hiroshima prefecture
TEL: 0848-37-0398
Open: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesdays
HP: (Japanese)


Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Katsutoshi Asai / Minami Asai (Kokohore Japan)



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