Guide to Perfect Seto Inland Sea Family Spots Carefully Selected by Writer-Mums!


"We want to travel, but we have a baby…" "I wonder if there’s anywhere we can relax with children?" For those of you with worries like this, today we’ll introduce some great places you can go with children without a worry! Breast-feeding areas, hotels that welcome babies… we have plenty of information to answer your needs, selected by our ‘mummy writers’!


1. Kaikyokan (Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture)




Home to a total of around 130 penguins (5 breeds), "Penguin Village" at Kaikyokan, Shimonoseki city's Aquarium, which is located by the Kanmon Straits, is one of the country’s largest penguin exhibition facilities. 

You need not worry about the season or the weather when visiting an aquarium, which makes them great places for families with children! Even babies won't be able to take their eyes of the nimble penguins and fish. You can find the Karato Market [ link: https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/568 ] and an amusement park among other fun places within walking distance, with enough fun things to do for a whole day.

(Diaper changing table & breast-feeding room available, hot water available for heating milk.)

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/ja/detail/881 (Japanese)

Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum "Kaikyokan" Official Homepage:


2. Yamaguchi Flower Land  (Yanai city, Yamaguchi prefecture)




There’s a large open field within the park where you can play with balance balls and hula-hoops that you can borrow (free). There is also a playground slide and a biotope, so it's a great spot to visit with children.

In Yamaguchi Flower Land, you can see beautiful flowers in full bloom all year round. Another happy surprise is that in addition to flowers you can also observe animals and play with the playground toys!

(Diaper changing table & breast-feeding room available, hot water available for heating milk.)

Yamaguchi Flower Land: https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/569


3. Bihoku National Hillside Park (Shobara city, Hiroshima prefecture)




The only national park in the Chugoku region!

The 8-hectare lawn area has a barbeque corner, as well as the large-scale Kyuu no Oka playground that is hugely popular with kids. The area has over 40 other different types of playground equipment including the "Jet roller slider"! 

The vast flower fields, an athletic course, large-scale playground goods, and auto camping area and more… If nothing else, the park is large! It's good for the children to get a lot of sunlight, too, right?

(Diaper changing table & breast-feeding room available, electric kettle available.) 

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/631 (English)


Bihoku National Hillside Park Official Homepage:

国営備北丘陵公園 公式HP (Japanese)

4. Okunoshima (Takehara city, Hiroshima prefecture) 



Okunoshima Island is home to a population of around 700 rabbits!

For those who would like to spend the night, there’s a Kyukamura* on the island, and you can enjoy marine sports among other fun activities.

*Kyukamura are resort hotels found for example in quasi-national parks. 

We recommend not only 1-day trips but also staying over with your family. As Okunoshima is an outlying island, you can relax as much as you want.

(Diaper changing table & breast-feeding room available, hot water available for heating milk.) 

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/546 (English)


Kyukamura Okunoshima Homepage:

休暇村 大久野島 HP (Japanese)


5. Kaigetsukan (Sumoto city, Hyogo prefecture)




To ease all the worries of parents traveling with small children, we’d now like to introduce hotel Kaigetsukan.

There are plenty of things here that children can enjoy such as picture books, toys, a slide, and animation DVDs, among others.

Kaigetsukan has also apparently been certified as a hotel that welcomes babies by Mikihouse child & family research and marketing institute. Not only do they offer great services for small children, they also serve superb cuisine made with local fruits of the sea!

(Goods such as diapers, milk, baby beds, bouncers, air cleaners, picture books and toys are provided or available to borrow.) 

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/470 (English)


Kaigetsukan Official Homepage:

海月館 公式HP (Japanese)
http://www.kaigetsu.jp/english/ (English)


6. Tokushima Zoo (Tokushima city, Tokushima prefecture)




If you hold out your hand, they may just climb up your arm and sit on your shoulder; they're very friendly squirrel monkeys.

An event limited to elementary school students, a raffle is used to pick the 15 children who get to ride a pony.

During weekends and on national holidays the zoo arranges events such as feeding and petting the animals, pony riding, among numerous other fun experiences for children. By the way, next to the zoo you will find Tokushima Family Land, an amusement park, so a visit to both may be a fun idea, too!

(Diaper changing table and breast-feeding room, hot water for heating milk available.)

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/572 (English)


Tokushima Zoo Official Homepage:

とくしま動物園 公式HP (Japanese)


7. Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (Marugame city, Kagawa prefecture)



The last photograph was taken on the museum's opening anniversary on November 23rd. An event that attracts a lot people is held every year on this date. From children to adults, all the visitors had a fun time while coming into contact with real art.

Workshops for children are arranged on other occasions, too, so how about giving your child an introduction to art?

(A diaper changing & breast-feeding space can be provided – please consult a staff member.) 

Dedicated article:

https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/437 (English)


Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art Official Homepage:

猪熊弦一郎現代美術館 公式HP (Japanese)
http://www.mimoca.org/en/ (English)


8. Botchan Ressha & the Kururin’ Ferris Wheel (Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture)



The “matchbox-like train" Soseki Natsume describes in "Botchan" is this "Botchan Ressha".

In 2001, it was restored to its original glory.



Believe it or not, there is a Ferris wheel on the roof (9th floor) of Iyotetsu Takashimaya, in Matsuyama city.

You can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view with Matsuyama Castle to the north, Botchan Stadium and the mountainous region of the expressway to the south, and the Seto Inland Sea to the west.

With a "Botchan Ressha" ticket, you can also ride the Iyotetsu Takashimaya Kururin Ferris wheel free of charge. If you visit Dogo Onsen, do try these two together as a set! Before realizing, Mummy and Daddy might just feel like children, too!

(Diaper changing table, breast-feeding room, and hot water for heating milk available inside Iyotetsu Takashimaya.)

Botchan Ressha:



Kururin Ferris Wheel:


How did you like our selection? Naturally, we still have plenty of other recommendations that we will introduce another time.


This time's guide was photo-writer Furukawa, mother of a 1-year-old. On your next holiday, why not head over to the Seto Inland Sea area with your family!


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