Hitch a ride on Naruto’s blue ocean at the “marine crafts” fancy goods store, where time goes by slowly. /ISLAND(Naruto-shi, Tokushima)

Naruto city in Tokushima is a town of blue ocean beauty and the whirlpools of the straits of Naruto between Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture) and Tokushima.
It is the entrance to Tokushima from Setouchi or the Kansai area.

The location is outstanding! You can see the O-Naruto Bridge right from the front of the shop!

This fancy goods store is located on the seaside, where you can see the ocean and the O-Naruto Bridge up close.
You can feel the friendly atmosphere of the shop – it’s just like a beach house which has been very popular for a long time in this area.

This shop’s name is “ISLAND”, and you will like it here if you are a sea lover.
There are a lot of ocean-related things with a natural taste, such as accessories or interior goods.

Some of the accessories and sundry goods here are made by artists based in Tokushima, and most of them are made as originals for “ISLAND”.
Some are made with sea shells or sea glass, and in some you can see the image of the sea. “Many people buy these goods repeatedly”, the shop owner told me.
You can easily imagine that most people who buy items here several times must really love the ocean!
The fans of “ISLAND” are not only in Tokushima but also come from outside of the prefecture.
Yeah, I can see that because I think it just feels like being at a nice beach resort on a tropical island!

Make some “marine crafts” here!

I understand you might be deeply in love with these sundry goods, but there is another thing that will fascinate you!
That is… the various “marine crafts” experiences!

You can make an accessory box, a photo frame, a clock, and so on with sea shells, sea glass and various other items.
You choose an item to make and put the parts you like on the item, one by one, with a glue gun.

There are so many various items you can use for the craft, that it is hard to decide which ones to take…. Pretty difficult to choose!
The transparency of the sea glass is really attractive, and some of the small starfishes are just adorable….

These parts are already in the baskets on the table and ready for the crafts, but you can also use some seashells that you have gathered on the beach in front of the shop!

I found about 20 of seashells while I took a walk on the beach for around 10 minutes.
There are various kinds and colors of seashells, so you can make your own “truly original” marine craft with the seashells of Naruto!

Also, you can use these kinds of colorful seashells, too!

Choose your favorite one from around 15 items

I was so busy concentrating on choosing the parts for my marine craft… but oops, I totally forgot the most important thing!
Which item shall I make???

The most popular item in the shop is this clock.
The size of the one in this picture is around 20cm in diameter and has price of 2,600yen.
You can also choose a bigger one with a diameter of 30cm and a price of 3,800yen.
Both can be used as clocks placed on tables or shelves, or as a wall clock.
If you put a starfish on the center of clock hands, then it spins around with the second hand! What a cute move!

These accessories boxes or mirrors (1,800yen each) are also nice!
Or, you can choose Herbarium (2,600yen) or aroma gel candles (1,800yen).
Small straps (from 900yen) and hair clasps (1,200yen) are also in the lineup, so please find your favorite from various kinds of items.
Sometimes the shop can be crowded, so you had better make a reservation if you want to make marine crafts, especially on weekends, national holidays, or during summer vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Kan opened their shop back in 1999, so next year, 2019, will be the 20th anniversary of their shop.
“Mainly, some groups of women or couples come in together for marine crafts. But the interesting thing is…men tend to be very particular about the details and take more time for the craft than women do. So, both men and women can enjoy these marine crafts, for sure!” Mr. Kan said.
Mrs. Kan told me “Many families visit here and experience the marine crafts, and that means all generations can have fun with it.” Yes, I totally agree with that!
It takes from 30 minutes to a few hours (it varies from person to person) to complete each marine craft.
If you are a fussy person, please allow enough time in your schedule for making the crafts!
And do not worry if you do not have any experience with this kind of handicraft.
Mr. and Mrs. Kan will teach you how to make it and give you every possible kind of help.

So, now you know that you can make a souvenir and memory of Naruto here.
And although your first reason for making a marine craft would be a souvenir of Naruto for someone else, maybe you might just want to keep it for yourself…!?
Well, keeping it as your own one is just fine for keeping a great memory, isn’t it?
Why don’t you make two? One for you, and one for someone as a souvenir…?

Address: 186-16, Takasago, Tosadomari-ura, Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima (located in the parking lot of Moana Coast)
Phone: +81-88-683-6225
Open: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Tuesday, the second Monday (if the second Monday is national holiday, it is open and closed on next day)
Parking: OK

By Yuuki Bando, Photographer/Writer for Setouchi Finder

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Written by

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki Bando

Yuuki was born and raised in Tokushima and speaks both English and Japanese with a cute Tokushima dialect. Her cherished motorcycle is Bonneville T100 (Triumph) with pop colors – ivory and tangerine orange. She is now experiencing the second visit the Shikoku eighty-eight temples as an “ohenro-san” (pilgrim), and she will do it maybe several more times! Yuuki worked for a local wooden furniture maker for 7 years and was in charge of all operations in English, such as translation for communicating with foreign companies and designers, interpretation at meetings or exhibitions held in Milan (Italy), Kortrijk (Belgium), and Tokyo. And now she is supporting many companies and foreign designers (inside/outside of Japan) as an agent, helping their business go smoothly on a long-term basis. Tour guide has also become one of business now, registered as a "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter," “Kagawa Setouchi Local Government Licensed Guide Interpreter”, and also a “Setouchi Islands’ Guide” for Setouchi Triennale Official Tour. https://www.studio-bang-do.com


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