This small French-style brewery serves you craft beer “made in Okayama!” /ARMADILLO BREWERY (Okayama-shi, Okayama)

What a cute and cozy space!

▲The armadillo trademark will catch your eye!

You probably would like to try local food and accommodation on your trip.
Of course that is a good way to fully enjoy your travel, but maybe it is also a great experience to visit sophisticated places with good taste.
Here is a recommendation for you: “ARMADILLO BREWERY,” a shop specializing in craft beer.
It is only a 5 minute walk there from the West Exit of Okayama Station.

It is also a “power spot” for girls!

▲You will find some botanical articles at the bar on the 2nd floor.

Actually, your “feminine power” will rise up when you visit this area, because the display and atmosphere here is stylish and smart!

▲These baskets are just hanging from a beam, but they are so cute!

▲Stylish, but warm. You can relax in this room filled with antique furniture.

▲The staff members tell you about the beer at the counter.

The popular interior designer “AXCIS.INC” runs this place, and the concept behind this interior is “a shed in the European countryside.”
That is why I totally understand that the reason for this stylish interior and its sense can never be imitated!
You might even want to visit the actual showroom of “AXCIS.INC” located in Tanaka, Kita-ku in the same city.

Let’s taste original craft beer!

▲Belgium White on the left, Amber Ale on the right.

▲Session IPA on the left, Porter on the right

“ARMADILLO BREWERY” has a craft beer brewery on the ground floor, and the 2nd floor is a pub.
There are 4 kinds of freshly made craft beer; all are smooth and have a low alcohol content.
That means all of them are suitable for women or people who do not drink beer very much.

I would say that stylish is not only the word for the interior of pub, but also the taste of the beer brewed there.
“Belgium White” has a refreshing taste with an aroma of orange peel.
The taste of “Amber Ale” is pretty sharp and you can enjoy its malty flavor.
“Session IPA” has a fruity scent with its characteristic reddish color.
“Porter” is a dark beer with an aroma like coffee, and you can lightly taste the bitterness of the hops.

▲Please try a set of 3 short glasses of beer to taste the different flavors! With mixed nuts.

There is a set of small glasses of original beer, allowing you to taste 3 varieties!
Also, there are various kinds of import beer from outside of Japan.
Please ask the staff for the recommendation of the day.

Please don’t miss the pizza made with dough from Naples.

▲The specialty menu item of the pub, pizza “Armadillo”

A must-have food for the beer at “ARMADILLO BREWERY” is pizza!
Their crispy and savory pizza is baked at a high temperature for just the right amount of time. Maybe you will want to have another one when you finish the first!

You can choose from 3 kinds of pizza: “Armadillo,” with anchovies and olives; the popular and simple “Margherita;” and “Bianca,” which is full of cheese.
At first, you might be surprised by how the size of the pizza fully covers the plate, but it is so crispy, light and delicious that it will soon be gone.
So, don’t hesitate to order one even if you are alone.

▲Also the specialty pickles made with the honey produced in Tamano City, Okayama, are worth trying!

Good beer and tasty pizza in a stylish atmosphere!
This pub should definitely become one of your favorite places, somewhere you will stop by every time you visit Okayama!

Address/2-7-16, Hokan-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
The nearest station/JR Okayama Station
Closed/Sunday and Monday
Parking lot/none

Photographs and text by Saki Ikuta, Kokohore Japan

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