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Delicious Flavors Delivered from the “Island of Mandarins”! Writer Baton Yamaguchi -> Hyogo Prefecture Edition

‘Writer baton’ is a project whereby photo-writers from each of the 7 prefectures that surround the Seto Inland Sea send each other their particular prefecture’s specialties. This time yours truly, Futoshi Hineno from Hyogo, received a parcel from Masashi Fujimoto, our Yamaguchi prefecture photo-writer.
I’m really excited to open the box, and what a lovely surprise it is! Products made from mandarins, my favorite fruit!
Inside the parcel, I found the following:



1. Shima no mikan (‘Mandarin of the Island’) honey
2. Shimasodachi (‘Island-grown’) mandarin juice
3. Shima sable shortbread (with a map of Ōshima Island)
To think I’d receive mandarin-related products from the island! Somehow I keep my cool, but straightaway try the mandarin honey on toast.



At first you’re hit by a strong honey flavor, but right after comes a slight citrus fragrance. It feels like my heart is warming up gradually. I did an online search to discover where this honey is made.
Apparently, “It’s a rare, valuable honey that can only be harvested over a two week period in spring when mandarin flowers are in bloom”. I completely understand. After all, it’s delicious!



After opening the parcel, the moment I saw honey, I thought of making soy milk pancakes. As the honey has such a strong flavor, it goes great with simple soymilk pancakes! You’ll love it.
This time I tried it together with the super staple combination of butter and fresh cream, and it was perfect. The citrus fragrance further brings out the delicious flavor of the honey, in my opinion.



Together with the pancakes we also have Shimasodachi, a rich orange juice from Suō-Ōshima Island, the “Island of Mandarins”. The 100% juice is born in the mild, gentle Seto Inland Sea climate.
It has a very rich flavor and a refined sweetness. However, it was so refreshing that I drank it all at once. You’ll want to have some more of this, too. My stomach is full…



Last, but not least, the Suō-Ōshima Island shaped Shima sable shortbread has a slight mandarin scent.
Mr. Fujimoto sent me some good things. I ate the Shima sable shortbread and yearned for Suō-Ōshima Island. I fell in love with all the products! Once it gets warmer, I’m heading to Suō-Ōshima Island with my map!!!
Mr. Fujimoto from Yamaguchi, I had my hearts fill of Suō-Ōshima Island flavors. Thank you for the treats.
Well then, next time is Ms. Suganami from Hiroshima. I wonder if I should send that one thing~
All of the products mentioned above are available for purchase at the location below:


Roadside Station Sazan Seto Towa
Open: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Every Wednesday (if Wednesday is a public holiday, the shop is closed on Thursday)
Address: 1958-77 Nishigata, Suo-oshima, Oshima district, Yamaguchi prefecture
TEL: 0820-78-0033
http://www.sazan-seto.com/ (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Futoshi Hineno


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