Stay at an old Japanese-style house with over 100 years history in an area full of nature. / Takinomoto Kondo-ke (Touon-shi, Ehime)

Mountains, rivers, and the sky…, everything is so close to you!

Kawanouchi area in Touon-shi, Ehime Prefecture is at the outskirts of the country, close to mountains and nature.
It is about a 45-minute drive from Matsuyama City.
The terraced paddy fields are very beautiful under the sun, and you can see the star-covered sky at night.

If you visited here in early summer, you can also see fireflies at the river.
Shirai Waterfall, with a height of 96 meters, is one of the best scenic spots in Ehime. It becomes a huge ice sculpture during the winter time.
Actually, any season is right time to visit this place.

“Takinomoto Kondo-ke (house)” is a lodging facility created by renovating a Japanese-style house built over 120 years ago. It is located in the midst of nature.

The whole house is rented to only one group each night, so that you can enjoy your private time as you wish.
You may have a chance to have some agricultural experience in the field in backyard.

You can feel the charm of an old house with a long history

This house was built in 1890.
You can see this long history in the deep colors of the pillars and beams.
Just lay down and relax on the tatami in one of the vast rooms and feel the old Japanese style and sense of history.
You will feel a kind of nostalgia, and this is part of the great and special experience of being here.

The bedroom is pretty spacious as it joins 2 rooms together. Also, there is a veranda facing the garden.
The futons are really soft and comfortable, and will allow you to have a perfect, relaxing sleep.
Amenities and towels for bathroom and toilet are selected very carefully to offer hospitality to visitors.

Let’s have dinner and breakfast in the room with the horigotatsu (a low table over a hole in the floor).
This room is close to the main door and has an earthen floor, which is also one of the characteristics of old Japanese-style houses.

Enjoy a hearty supper.

Please enjoy great meals using fresh local and seasonal ingredients.

You can choose from some wild game dishes, tempura inside the house, or barbecue in the garden.
Wild game (gibier) is now a very popular food because it is healthy and nutritious.
You can have one of the following: venison Sukiyaki, Miso-nabe (hot pot) with wild boar meat, or Kamo-nabe (hot pot with duck meat).
Any one of them are a delicious one-pot dish and good with white rice or… of course with some alcohol.

Tempura in the house is very popular among tourists from abroad!
You can fry tempura by yourself, and it is a quite unique experience.
You can imagine how good tempura, fried just right and hot, tastes!

The breakfast is Japanese style with white rice cooked in an earthen pot, Miso soup, and so on.
Maybe you will want to try your rice with a fresh raw egg.
There is a membership system available. If you join, you can stay there at a discount or receive a food gift.
It would be nice to visit Kondo-house regularly, just like visiting your family’s house or hometown.
You can even go there with your family or your friends, and staying there will be just like living there!

Takinomoto Kondo-ke
Address /3434-1, Kawanouchi, Touon-shi, Ehime
Check-in/16:00(members can check-in earlier)

Accommodation charge(excluding tax)/12,000 yen for 1 adult with 2 adults using 1
room (8,000 yen for membership)
Meals(excluding tax)/Breakfast: 500 yen/ Dinner: 3,500 yen (for 1 person)
*Choose your dinner from Tempura in the house, 3 kinds of pot dish of cooked wild game
(wild boar, venison, or duck meat), or barbecue.
*Please make your reservation on the website.

Photographs and text by Tomoko Yano

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