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Resort Hot Spring Hotel on an Outlying Seto Inland Sea Island!

FESPA is a relaxing resort located on Yuge Island, which falls under the jurisdiction of the town of Kamijima, Ochi district, Ehime prefecture.
Although located near Shimanami Kaido, Yuge is an outlying island not connected by the bridge. Since olden times, it has prospered by salt production, even presenting it to the To-ji Temple in Kyoto as its Toen (manor).
The resort hotel is a dreamlike place where all the rooms, the restaurant, the terrace, even the open-air baths boast beautiful ocean views. This time we’d like to introduce it to you.



This lovely hotel is located near the sea on the southern side of the island.
Since opening its doors in May 2011, the hotel has received many visitors from all over Japan. The name FESPA is an abbreviation of the Italian phrase “Festa del Papi” (The pope’s holiday).
Just as its name suggests, it’s a place that offers guests a taste of feeling like royalty.



First, I just have to show you this outdoor bathing area.
The moment you step outside, you’re met with this awesome view of the Seto Inland Sea spreading out before your eyes.


These are the western-style outdoor baths (all are fed by natural hot spring water).



I’ve always wanted to try a bath like this!
Almost like a movie scene, you can step in the bathtub and monopolize the Seto Inland view.



This is the beautiful, azure blue “Tsuboyu” (‘Jar bath’) located in the Japanese style bath area.

Here you can quietly enjoy the Seto Inland view by yourself.

All the spacious, fully equipped guestrooms have superb ocean views and private balconies.

Although the facilities are almost on par with a high-class resort hotel, FESBA charges are very reasonable.


As I step outside from the room, I see a big Jacuzzi.
Here, you can take a bath while admiring the evening sky or bathing in the morning light without being disturbed by anyone.



This is the view from my room’s balcony.
A white sandy beach, azure sea, and blue sky are all waiting…
The special suite with its private balcony and spacious open-air bath, which anyone would like to try, is, believe it or not, just JPY25920 for two on weekdays, but even on Fridays, Saturdays and the days before national holidays it’s only JPY28512!
At this price even a stay in a special suite is no longer just a dream, right?



Of course, part of the main enjoyment of traveling has to be the food.
Made with freshly caught Seto Inland Sea fish, this is the scabbard fish meal set seasoned with lemon. It also comes with sashimi (sliced raw sea food) at the very affordable price of JPY1500!



This is the Iwagi Island-grown lemon pork on rice, a specialty of Iwagi, an island that floats within the same town area of Kamijima.
Lemon pork, a brand pork grown in the warm climate of the island along with lemons, has just the right amount of marbling and full-bodied flavor, and is very soft and juicy.
It even took top prize at the 2009 Japan Meat Industry Fair.
How about a visit to Fespa where you can enjoy your hearts fill of nature, relaxation and gourmet dishes?



Location: Yugehibi, Kamijima, Ochi district, Ehime prefecture
Tel: 0897-77-2200
Parking: Available
http://fespa.jp/index.html  (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi


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