Hiroshima Soul Food: The Musashi Rice Ball Lunch Box!

As the people of Hiroshima city have long loved Musashi rice balls, they could be called a local soul food.

Known locally as “musubi no Musashi” (Musashi of rice balls”), the flavors of the shop’s handmade udon noodles, which was founded in 1958, are very familiar to locals.



If you take the bullet train from Hiroshima, you can buy their boxed lunches at the station. On the day of our visit, a queue had formed in front of the shop.

There are 7 different types of boxed rice ball lunches on offer at the station shop.


I buy the Sansai musubi bento (‘wild vegetable rice ball boxed lunch’) and the Sanzoku musubi bento (‘bandit rice ball boxed lunch’), their staple products.
Giving a sense of warmth similar to a mother’s homemade packed lunch, one of the shop’s particularities is that it uses wooden lunch boxes.

Every handmade rice ball tastes like a Japanese mum has made it. Just the right amount of salt and the sauce with a tinge of soy sauce, the way the rice is cooked and their balance with the good flavor of the nori seaweed all bring out a unique flavor, which has remained unchanged since the shop was founded.
As the sides are mildly seasoned, they go great with drinks, too!



The shop’s most well known snack, the “bandit rice ball”, has also remained unchanged.
The excitement I feel when opening the wrapping is the same as when I was a child.

With generous fillings of salmon and konbu (kelp), just one Sanzoku musubi will replenish both your stomach and your mind.
If you’re in the area, do try this Hiroshima soul food. How about one for the trip?


Location: 2-37 Matsubara-cho, Minami ward, Hiroshima city (Hiroshima station shinkansen area)
http://www.musubi-musashi.co.jp/index.html (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Makoto Esaki & Yoko Suganami (Rainbow Sake Co., Ltd.)



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Rainbow Sake

Rainbow Sake

Yoko Suganami Rainbow Sake, Inc. After an extended stay in Hawaii, in 2011, I returned to my hometown of Kure, Hiroshima. Having worked at advertising companies in both Japan and Hawaii, I founded Rainbow Sake - a PR company with the goal of spreading Sake abroad. I hope that sake will ""bring the people of the world together"" and that I can be a part of that. I often travel abroad, and mostly to Hawaii and Singapore. Every time I come back home, I rediscover the beauty of my hometown and the happiness the easygoing, calm, fresh and simple sea and mountains of Setouchi bring. http://www.rainbowsake.com


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