Spend a unique night staying at the hostel with “a touch of ruins” in a nostalgic port town. /HYM Hostel (Tamano-shi, Okayama)

Uno, Tamano City in Okayama has been known as a port town since the old days.
Actually, Naoshima Island (in Kagawa prefecture), the well-known island for the arts, is much closer to Uno than Shikoku Island, and it only takes a 20-minute ferry ride from Uno Port.
So, I will introduce you to the best hostel in Uno for this short trip.

Let’s have a minimalist stay at “HYM” in Uno, Okayama.

“Higashiyama Building,” an 8-minute walk from JR Uno Station, looks like a ruined building.
But you are in for a surprise!
When you step into the building, you will find clean spaces with cozy designs.
“HYM Hostel” is one occupant of this building; there is also a coffee stand, a hamburger shop, and a jewelry shop in the same building.

▲A double room

▲A twin room

There are 2 types of rooms, double or twin.
Up to 3 people can stay in 1 room.
Each room has a high ceiling and enough space, with simple furniture.
And please note that all rooms come with a beautiful view of the Setouchi Inland Sea!

▲Showers and toilets are shared. There are 4 shower rooms on the second floor.

▲The lounge on the second floor

▲You can have a relaxing time on the rooftop sofa.

The lodgers and guests can use the lounge, playroom (with a table-tennis table), and the roof.
Drinking toasts with other guests you may encounter on the trip makes for a great time, although just relaxing in your room would be also fine.
You can enjoy your time as you wish.

There is no front desk at this hostel, so you can check-in (after 15:00) and check-out (before 10:00) by self-service.
If you arrive at the hostel earlier than the check-in time, then use coin lockers inside of the building so you can leave your baggage there!
There is no curfew, so you have a lot of flexibility!

Relaxing interiors with NOT too much modification or arrangement

Actually, the “Higashiyama Building” had been an empty building for years.
But the art project “Okayama Geijutsu Kairo (Okayama Art Corridor)” found it and valued it as “this building is a work of art.”
From that point on the reutilization of the building became active.
Yogin Nishino, the owner of “HYM” took the lead in repairing the building, and the building was nicely reborn.

Uno used to be a port town where many people, including foreigners, had come to visit since the old days.
Higashiyama Building, which has seen the town and its people coming and going around for more than 50 years, has an open atmosphere that radiates a certain nostalgia.

▲The naked concrete on the ceiling

▲The faded wall near the stairs has a matchless feeling!

The owner, Nishino says “My aim was making a space with tolerance, keeping the merit of the architecture of this building, and not fixing it up too tidily. I hope that many and various people can spend their time here freely grasping the meaning of this building.”
That is why I can feel safe and comfortable in the atmosphere of this hostel.

Many events are provided for people who are not staying overnight.

▲“OKUJOH”, the beer bar event held for the 3rd time in the summer of 2018.

Nishino, the owner of “HYM” is also the custodian for the building.
Various events, such as music events, yoga classes, and so on are held there. Also, a stylish beer bar opens on the roof every summer. Here they serve the only crafted soda pop in Okayama, made in Tamano, called “Mainichi Cider (Every day Soda Pop). ” (This is so special, and it makes me so happy that I can have it here!)

The town and the hostel leave travelers alone in a good way, but prepare whatever things you may need.
This is the reason we can feel comfortable here in Uno.
I highly recommend that you to go visit Uno and “HYM” and spend some time in your own special way.

HYM Hostel
Address/Higashiyama Building, 1-7-3, Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama
Closed/No holiday
Parking lot/Not available
Reservation Website/https://www.airbnb.jp/users/show/36107951
Check the access information to JR Uno Station

Text by Saki Ikuta, Kokohore Japan

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