The Historical Café in Ritsurin Garden, A Special Place of Scenic Beauty!


Designated a Special Place of Scenic Beauty by the Japanese government, Ritsurin Garden also earned 3 stars in a famous French guidebook.


In the summer of 2015, a new facility that was originally constructed during the Edo period became a hot topic in this famous garden.



The Edo period Commerce and Industry Promotion Hall, Shoko Shoreikan, which was originally a museaum, has been renovated into a new culture facility and reception hall. On the second floor of the main building (on the right in the photograph) you can find furniture on display from George Nakashima, an American born woodworker affiliated with Kagawa.
Well then, let’s head to Garden Café Ritsurin in the west wing!



The cozy interior of the café is filled with the warmth of timber. Almost as if the café is connected to the outside, the green sofa reminds me of Ritsurin Garden’s greenery.
The thing I look forward to most at cafés is the food, and as I heard you can get a famous Sanuki dish here, I placed my order without delay.



Pasta?! Nope. Actually, this dish is called Sanuki Takase no cha udon (Sanuki Takase’s tea udon noodles)! While tea from Takase-cho, the area in which Kagawa tea is grown, is used in the dish, believe it or not, the gelee beneath the noodles is actually broth.
And here’s another unexpected ingredient!



A member of staff says, “If you get tired of the flavor, please add this milk. It will make the flavor milder!”

The fried local vegetables with which the dish is garnished go amazingly well with the refined tea udon noodles. The tealeaves nonchalantly sprinkled on the vegetables are also an important point.


After relaxing in the café, I enjoy the view of the inner garden. For a while, I am spellbound by the painting-like scenery that melts together with Mt. Shiun in the background.
Here’s another way of using the recently renovated north garden:



It’s a wedding party! What a great idea to make use of the views at this Special Place of Scenic Beauty! I would love to receive an invitation to a wedding in Ritsurin Garden, which is also called the national treasure of gardens.
How did you like today’s visit? If you happen to visit the garden, do head over to the Commerce and Industry Promotion Hall, it will surely be a fine addition to the lovely memories of your trip!


Ritsurin Garden Shoko Shoreikan (Commerce & Industry Promotion Hall)

Location: 1-20-16 Ritsurin-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
Open: 8:30-17:00 year round
Tel: 087-833-7411 (Ritsurin Garden Tourism Office) (Japanese) (English)


Garden Café Ritsurin

Location: 1-20-16 Ritsurin-cho, Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture
Open: 10:00-16:00
Closed: Mondays
Tel: 087-813-0870 (Japanese)
* Ritsurin Garden requires an entrance fee (Adults JPY410, Children JPY170)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Izumi Furukawa


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Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa Hello. My name is Izumi Furukawa and I was born in Kagawa Prefecture. Before getting married in 2012, I wrote for various magazine companies and Internet based media organizations in Tokyo. After marrying, I moved to Hiroshima and am now raising my child as well as writing stories about my fascination with this area through Setouchi Finder. Most of the articles I write are about places I visit on weekends with my family. My favorite driving course is Route 375 from Saijyo to the Miyoshi Area, and my favorite food from the Hiroshima area is Anagomeshi (from Miyajima)!!


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