Visiting the old, learn something new! Enjoy a relaxing time at your own pace at a landmark in Uno, Okayama./Higashiyama Building (Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama)

“Higashiyama Building” looks like a ruined building, but is actually pretty cool.

▲Higashiyama Building, lit by the setting sun, is really cool with its sense of emptiness!

Tamano City is located on the south side of Okayama.
There are some fascinating spots, including “UNOICHI,” the market in Uno, a port town in Tamano City.
Uno is also known as the gateway to the islands of arts: Naoshima, Teshima, and Shodoshima.

On this visit, I enjoyed a relaxing day at the “Higashiyama Building” located just an 8-minute walk from JR Uno Station.

Have an Elysian breakfast at “BOLLARD COFFEE” when you wake up early.

First, let’s go to “BOLLARD COFFEE” on the ground floor, where you can be satisfied with specialty coffee.
You can relax and enjoy this stylish space with bare concrete and the aroma of roasted coffee beans.

▲Drip coffees are brewed carefully one by one.

“BOLLARD COFFEE” uses coffee beans roasted by “OBSCURA COFFEE ROASTERS,” a Tokyo-based company, which provides high-quality coffee beans from all over the world.
You can choose from 5 kinds of coffee: 3 classic types, 1 weekly special, and decaf.
The most popular kind is “Brazil” with a deep, nutty flavor.
“Indonesia” is popular among frequent customers, and its complicated aroma becomes addictive for coffee lovers.
“Ethiopia” is also recommended, with its fruity sourness.

▲“Morning A Set.” The boiled egg is produced by free-range chickens, and was purchased at the nearby shop “Pokke, the vegetable store.”

You can have toast, dip and a drink as the main portion of the “Morning Set.” The A set comes with a banana and a boiled egg, while the B set comes with a salad.
Most of the ingredients are from the local area, especially the English bread, which is from the bakery “Hatake-kara Sodateru Pan & Bread (Bread raised from the field).”
This bread is so good that some people come to this café only to eat this toast.

▲When the entrance door is left open in spring and autumn, you can feel the open atmosphere.

You can see the port from the entrance of “BOLLARD COFFEE,” and this café is the proper place for starting a nice day.

Have a tasty hamburger at “#8 WIRE.”

“#8 WIRE” is the shop recommended for lunch, located on the ground floor.
You can have a homemade hamburger here, and so many customers have said: “this burger is the most delicious one I’ve ever had.”

▲ An Australian man praised the “#8 WIRE” hamburgers as the “BEST BURGERS!”

There are 5 kinds of burgers: a basic “beef,” “beef and cheese,” the voluminous “#8”, and so on.
The most popular one is “beef and cheese,” and you can choose your favorite cheese from cheddar, camembert, or Gorgonzola.

▲”#8” is pretty voluminous, but even a woman can eat it all!

Today, I had the “#8” which was advertised on the menu at the shop.
Two hamburger patties and bacon are sandwiched between some vegetables.
The patties are made from 100% Australian ground beef, and they taste very nice with mild, salty bacon and tomato sauce!
The tomato sauce and bun are also originals from this shop, and the crispy texture of the bun perfectly complements the taste of a burger.

I am sure that you will be very happy after finishing this, and the best thing for you do after eating is take a nap on the seawall in front of the shop, basking in the afterglow of that meal.

Have some rings custom-made at “anikulapo”

▲You can see a beautiful view of the Setouchi Inland Sea from the window of “anikulapo” on the 4th floor of the Higashiyama Building.

“anikulapo” is a jewelry studio on the 4th floor.

▲Most of the customers order couple’s rings for around 200,000 yen. The designs are very mature and simple.

The studio receives mainly orders for custom-made wedding rings (advance reservation required).
You can see some piercing jewelry or accessories displayed in the studio if the owner has time (advance phone call required).

You can stay at the lounge on the 2nd floor or the roof until 19:00 (except on event dates).
Taking a nap, reading some books, or just gazing at the sea…, you can definitely spend a whole day here.
Please note there is lodging, the “HYM Hostel” inside the building, so you can stay here overnight if you wish.

If you would like to take your mind off your daily life, then come visit the “Higashiyama Building.”
This place is the best for refreshing yourself!

Address/1st floor of Higashiyama Building, 1-7-3, Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama
Closed/Year-end and New Year holidays
Parking lot/Not available

Address/1st floor of Higashiyama Building, 1-7-3, Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama
Closed/Sundays, and Mondays(temporarily closed on some other days)
Parking lot/Not available

Address/4th floor of Higashiyama Building, 1-7-3, Uno, Tamano-shi, Okayama
Open/Only by appointment
Parking lot/Not available

Photographs and text by Saki Ikuta, Kokohore Japan

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