Hoshi Fruits: Eat Luxurious Sweets made of the Finest Fruit Selected by a Connoisseur with 35 Years Experience!

Opened in 2013 next to a well-established gift shop, Hoshi Fruits is located in Yanai city in the eastern part of Yamaguchi prefecture facing the Seto Inland Sea.

Open the door and see delicious looking fruit lined up!
Selected carefully by a connoisseur with 35 years experience, the fresh fruit is procured every morning at Hiroshima market.



As the produce is bought directly, the shop is able to provide customers with first class fruit at affordable prices.
While the shop spreads the charms of the Setouchi area by offering locally grown seasonal citrus fruit, you can also find produce grown abroad. And among other activities, it holds a sweet potato fair offering produce from Heigun Island, which neighbors Yanai city.



Ta-dah! Here are some delicious looking cakes lined up at the takeout counter…!
The strawberries are just shining.

Here’s the spacious café area.
On the menu there is a multitude of items including parfaits, fresh juices, soft-serve ice cream, and fruit and cake plates. It’s hard to choose, but in then end I go for what is currently the shop’s most recommended sweet, “Fondant Pancake”.



Surrounded by a variety of colorful fruit including strawberries, oranges, kiwi fruit, pineapple, etc. (there are 11 different fruits on the plate), in the middle there is a pancake covered with a heap of whipped cream.

As I begin to cut the fluffy pancake, molten chocolate ganache comes flooowing out! The combination in my mouth is wondrous! Delicious all the way to the end, the fresh fruit gives the dish a refreshing finish.
It was really fun enjoying fruit filled sweets while wondering what to take as gifts.



You can also relax out on the terrace and enjoy a bit of Setouchi sunshine, and every now and then the shop host concerts by local artists, too! Enjoying a dessert plate while listening to live music is just the best.

Staff members with their lovely smiles.
The café also has a toast and homemade jam menu with flavors like berries, oranges and other fruit. As it doesn’t offer the jams for sale to take home, they’re very popular at the shop.


It’s a nice idea to visit at coffee time, but brunch is great, too!


Oidemase! Come to Yamaguchi!


Hoshi Fruits

Hoshi Fruits is a fruit café located next to Ado, a well-established gift shop. At the café you can enjoy a selection of sweets made with fruits of the season. The fruits sold at the shop are popular as gifts, but great for yourself, as well!

Location: 3-4-7 Minamimachi, Yanai city, Yamaguchi prefecture
Open: 9:45-19:00 (Weekdays & Saturdays), 9:45-18:30 (Sundays & National holidays)
Closed: Wednesdays
Inquiries: 0820-24-6060


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