A stay at a former printing factory – a valuable experience in the “West-Awa” area – is waiting for you./PLAY & WORKS AD LIV (Mima-shi, Tokushima)

The building of “PLAY & WORKS AD LIV” is a former printing factory.

The “Nishi-Awa” area (Nishi means west, and Awa is the old name of Tokushima) is now attracting people’s attention because “Nishi-Awa Steep Slope Land Agricultural System” was designated as one of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in March 2018.
Many people from inside and outside of Japan visit some of the sightseeing spots here, such as “Ochiai Village” in Nishi-Iya, built on a steep slope with a 390m difference of elevation, and the “Oku-Iya Kanko Shuyu Monorail” (Oku-iya Sightseeing Tour Monorail).
The guesthouse “PLAY & WORKS AD LIV” made its debut in Mima City, a part of the Nishi-Awa area.

“PLAY & WORKS AD LIV” is not only a guest house, but also has a café, dormitories, and a co-working space inside.
This facility is very rare nationwide because it was renovated from a printing factory, and it has a big open wellhole space in the center of the building.
Some tents and plastic greenhouses are located inside of the building to keep it warm in winter.

“NAKAGAWA AD,” the company which manages this facility, was established as a typographic printing company in 1960, and became an advertising agency in 2002.
Since then, the company has been dealing with the design and printing of advertisements.
Moreover, they are developing some unique businesses related to agriculture and food, such as “ad batake” and “Vege Happy,” to introduce the attractions of this area.

The concept of “PLAY & WORKS AD LIV” is “staying at a printing factory.”
You can feel the unique atmosphere in this space, as there are big shelves with pieces of movable type, and heavy equipment here and there.
A letter printing machine will be installed there in 2019 so that visitors can experience making business cards and postcards with it.
This place will be even more fascinating in near future!

The café and co-working space are also fascinating.

You can have a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of soda (made from the natural syrup of wax myrtle), sudachi juice, strawberry juice, and organic carrot juice.
The co-working space with Wi-Fi is also available for visitors ordering at least one drink.

If you have a lunch at this café, we recommend that you try “AD LIV Pizza” (reservations must be made beforehand).
The toppings are all safe and secure domestic foods, such as vegetables and chicken called “Awa sudachi-dori,” raised without any antibiotics or antibacterial agents.
The dough is made from the local wheat, and the cheese is cellulose additive-free!

Entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, illustrators, and even government employees of Mima City gather at the co-working space here to communicate.

This facility works well as a base for your trip.

The capacity of dormitory on the ground floor is 8 people (the room is not divided by gender), and the charge for one night is 4,500 yen.
Each space can be partitioned off with curtains, and of course, there is a light and socket on the side of the bed.
You can use the refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine, and of course, it is fully equipped with toilets and showers.

This is the table made with square pallets, which were used for carrying large stacks of paper by forklift.
You will find many interesting things inside this huge space in the former factory.

The number of visitors from outside of Japan is increasing now, and you can discuss your trip in “Nishi-Awa” area right here!
So, why don’t you stay overnight here?

Address/131-2, Wakamiya-minami, Oaza Inoshiri, Wakimachi, Mima-shi, Tokushima

Check-in 16:00-18:00 /Check-out 10:00
Open/Cafe 11:00-17:00 (Lunch requires a reservation beforehand, and Please check the café holidays on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/adliv.japan/)
Accommodation charge/4,500 yen for each person (1 night)
For reservation/https://www.airbnb.jp/rooms/24187695

Photographs and text by Takashi Shigeto

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