Enjoy the islands, where you can choose even a one-day trip. / Gogoshima Island and Kashima Island of the Kutsuna Islands (Matsuyama-shi, Ehime)

Both “active” and “relaxing” types of people can be satisfied there…!

The Kutsuna Islands are located on the off the coast of Matsuyama City.
They consist of more than 30 islands, and 9 of them have residents.
This area was formerly the location of the Kutsuna Suigun base, the maritime force for this area, and this is the origin of the islands’ name.
We will introduce these easily accessed spots which are close to Matsuyama City.

Spot 1

The sea, the greenery, and the oranges... many of Ehime’s attractions are gathered here in Gogoshima.

Gogoshima is the second largest island among the Kustuna Islands, located on about 2 kilometers off-shore from Matsuyama City.
Gogoshima is one of the largest orange producing centers in Ehime (Ehime Prefecture is famous for its huge production of oranges), and “Gogoshima Mikans,” the oranges from Gogoshima, are a well-known brand in Japan.

It takes onlya 10 to 15 minute ferry ride from Takahama Port in Matsuyama to Gogoshima.
There are 2 ports on the island, Yura-ko and Tomari-ko, and each port has 14 ferry round trips every day.
Therefore, many residents from the island go to work or school in Matsuyama City.

Gogoshima’s shape is pretty complex, just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
But this means that you can discover many of beautiful views, combining the capes and the sea, all over the island.

In particular, Koibito Toge (Lovers’ Pass), located on the south side of the island, is the one of the most beautiful viewing spots in the island. It has been repeatedly chosen as a filming location for movies and TV programs.

The slate has an image of Matsuyama, and you can see Matsuyama Castle on the opposite shore from here!

There is also Soshigahama Beach, with its clear blue water, where you can enjoy sea bathing and marine sports in the summertime.

We recommend that you rent a bicycle to enjoy cycling on Gogoshima.
You can apply for a bike rental on the ferry, and you can return it at both Yura Port and Tomari Port.
If you are not good at exercise, they have bicycles with electric assist at Yura Port.
In that case, you won’t have to worry about roads with slopes!

The island which appeared in the famous novel “Bocchan” is here!

If you are a fan of Soseki Natsume, one of the most famous novelists in Japan (his portrait was printed on older 1,000yen notes ), and have read the novel “Bocchan,” then you must visit this island, too.

The island’s name in the novel is “Turner Island” and it can be seen from Takahama Port.
In “Bocchan,” the head teacher called “Red Shirt” says, “the island looks like the one in the painting by Turner,” when he sees the island.
Then the teacher who always butters up to him suggests, “then let’s call it ‘Turner Island’ from now on.”

This small island is actually the model for “Turner Island” in the book. It is a small rocky island with the diameter of 135 meters.
Please don’t miss it while you are waiting for the ferry going to Gogoshima.

Access to Gogoshima
Takahama Port
Address/2-2255-3, Takahama-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
Parking lot/Available (fee-charged)
Closest station/Iyo Tetsudo (Takahama Line) Takahama Station

Spot 2

Kashima – This uninhabited isle is just like a dream island for leisure!

Kashima, an island located 400 meters off Hojo Port and only a 3 minute ferry ride away, is absolutely a leisure island.
The ferry service runs every 20-30 minutes.

The small ferry has a deer on its roof! So cute!

If you have some stuff to bring with you, rent a two-wheeled cart for free and get on board!

When you arrive at the island, real deer welcome you!
These deer are Japanese deer, a natural treasure designated by Ehime Prefecture.

Kashima is a small island with a diameter of only 1.5 kilometers. However, there are many spots to enjoy, such as a beach, a camp site, a barbecue area…, and these substantial facilities can be used for free!

You can prepare barbecue at a kitchen site like this, and you can comfortably spend time there (yes, there are also flush toilets in the island).
Also, you can enjoy climbing up to the observatory on the mountain summit and cruising on the round-trip ship to see the “Meoto-iwa Rocks” (these rocks resemble a married couple) which are said to bestow divine favor in matchmaking.
So many ways to fully enjoy this island…! .

Now, you see that there are several islands where you can enjoy your time close to Matsuyama City.
Other islands of the Kutsuna Islands have various characters and fascinations.
Please visit and discover the nice “islands’ time.”

Access to Kashima
Kashima Park Ferry Waiting Room at Hojo Port
Address/1605, Hojotsuji, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
Parking lot/Available (fee-charged, which includes the ferry ride fee for the car’s driver)
Closest station/JR Iyo Hojo Station (10-minute-walk to the port)

Photographs and text by Tomoko Yano

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