Chosen by local writers! A selection of shops where you can drink really delicious craft beers made in Setouchi!

There are various things to enjoy during the trip, but we think that one of the top priorities on the trip should be having local food and drink, right?
So in this article, the writer (who is a “beer lover”), chooses some shops where you can drink really good Setouchi craft beers!

#1 Session’sBrewery&Fuel store/Hiroshima-shi

In Hiroshima recently small beer breweries called “micro breweries” have been popping up one after another, and the number of quality craft beers brewed in Hiroshima is increasing.
So the first one which we will introduce is the “Session’s Brewery” and the tap room “Fuel Store.”

You can order some spicy a-la-carte dishes, which go well with beer.

The beer in the photo is a lager beer, which is the most popular one.
The aroma and exhilarating feeling after each sip amuses beer lovers!

The beers brewed at Session’s Brewery are served at the beer restaurant “Sunny Day Beer.”
My favorite is the American style IPA, which combines a smashing aroma of hops and a bitter taste that is pretty good.
If you come to Hiroshima, please try it!

Session’s Brewery
1-12-39, Ebahigashi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima

#2 Miyajima Brewery/Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima (Miyajima)

“Miyajima Brewery” is located in Miyajima, the island of the World Heritage site, Itsukushima Shrine.
Actually, the brewery is in the “Starbucks Coffee, Itsukushima Omotesando shop” building.

On the ground floor, “MIYAJIMA BEER STAND” serves beer, but only to go.
There is a restaurant on the 3rd floor, and the view from the window is of course the floating Torii gate, part of the World Heritage Site here.
What a gorgeous location…!

The beer in the photo is “Momiji Ale,” with a color like the “Momiji (Japanese maple)” leaves which turned red in the autumn.
This ale has nice aroma and rich flavor, so it goes well even with rich and heavy-tasting dishes or fried ones.

459-2, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima

#3 KAMIYAMA BEER/Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun , Tokushima

The town of Kamiyama is now attracting people’s attention, because many people have moved in from outside, and they have opened attractive shops in this town.
One of them is “KAMIYAMA BEER,” a small brewery run by a couple who moved here from the Netherlands.

Sweeney Manus, who is a videographer and had been a brewer in Amsterdam is now brewing beer in Kamiyama.
The beers are made with local citrus fruits, wheat, and so on.
Each one of them is a unique beer brewed only in Kamiyama.

The illustrated labels on the bottles were drawn by Sayaka Abe, who is Sweeney’s wife. They are just like art.
These bottles make really good souvenirs from Tokushima!

>Craft beer made in Kamiyama creates a new place for “connecting.”/KAMIYAMA BEER (Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima)

#4 Tokushima Station Brewery & Awa Shinmachi River Brewery/Tokushima-shi

“Tokushima Station Brewery” is in the basement floor of the JR Tokushima Station building.
Obviously, it is easily accessible, especially if you are travelling by train.

This is the owner of the brewery, Mr. Shogo Tada.
The brewery is in the restaurant.

There is another restaurant owned by Mr. Tada, “Awa Shinmachi River Brewery” located south of Tokushima Station, and it is about a 5-minute-walk away.

The most popular menu item here is the “drink and compare set” which allows you to enjoy 3 kinds of beer: “pale ale,” “bitter,” and “stout.”
Discover your favorite one!

Tokushima Station Brewery
Tokushima Station Clement Plaza B1 floor, 1-61, Terashimahoncho-nishi, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima

Awa Shinmachi River Brewery
BAL Plaza Building 1st floor, 1-6, Higashi-Senbamachi, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima

#5 Omishima Brewery/Imabari-shi, Ehime (Omishima)

“Omishima Brewery” is on Omishima Island on the Shimanami Kaido route, which is now well known as Mecca for cyclists.
The owners of this brewery are a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi, who once worked for a craft beer maker in Osaka.

You can feel the scent of hops, and its bitterness refreshes you!
The popular food for beer here is handmade pickles made of seasonal vegetables.

You can purchase the beer by weight, but you need a bottle which can be closed up tightly.
You can buy a plastic PET bottle at the brewery, so don’t worry.

Omishima Brewery
5589, Miyaura, Omishima-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime

#6 Beer Pub Station/Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa

If you visit Kagawa Prefecture, a.k.a. “Udon Prefecture”, then why not try a beer made with the wheat which is used for Udon noodles?
You can have this special beer at the standing-style stand “Beer Pub Station” located next to a platform of the Kotoden Takamatsu-Chikko Station.

The beer in the photo is “Craic Special Ale,” a beer made with Udon wheat!
It is brewed with wheat developed uniquely in Kagawa prefecture.

>Try a Local Limited Edition Beer Made with Udon Wheat !!

Photographs and text by Akiko Isonaga

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Written by

Akiko Isonaga

Akiko Isonaga

Akiko Isonaga

I was born and raised in Hiroshima, but my mother's hometown is on Kojima island, Ehime prefecture. When I was little, I used to climb up on the roof of an orange warehouse and gaze at the picturesque islands of Seto. They were really beautiful. Now that I'm a bit older, I’m happy to be able to spend time working as a photo-writer and conveying the beauty and charm of the Seto Inland Sea. As well as writing at home, I live a short walk from the World Heritage site of Miyajima, I also work as a teacher and am currently studying color psychology.

URL: https://isonaga.wixsite.com/aidapress


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