Traditional architecture built in the Meiji Era has been renovated. Machiya-hotel debuts as a place which has passed through time. / Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA- (Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima)

Tomonoura is a port town where sailors used to wait for the tide to turn, located in Fukuyama City,
Tomonoura’s story, “the most important modern port town which embraces the evening calm of
Setouchi,” was designated as one of the “Japanese Heritage”by Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Therefore, this town is catching people’s attention not only in Japan but also internationally.
And the new hotel debuting here is a renovated machiya (old Japanese style town house) with a
more than 100-year-old history.
This hotel, which suits the townscape of Tomonoura, is called “Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA-.”

Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA- is located very close to the port.

Most tourists visit Tomo Port when they come to Tomonoura.
“Joyato,” the stone lighthouse located along the port, is a symbol of Tomonoura, and the view with
the lighthouse and the sky at twilight is well-known and very photogenic.

“Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA-“ is located less than 1 minute on foot from the port.

“Roya” refers to a merchant’s house which was built in the Meiji Period (1868-1912). This sort of merchant dealt with the production of tools for rowing Japanese ships.
An oar which can be used even now is displayed on the second floor of the hotel.

Limited to only 4 groups for an overnight stay. The guest rooms tell the stories of the past and future.

The hotel has 4 guest rooms (there are 2 types), therefore, only 4 groups can stay here.
The names of the rooms are taken from words related to the “tide,” and they are “AWA (bubble),” “UZU (vortex),” “SAI (sea roar),” and “TOKI (tidal hour).”

The room of “AWA” is on the ground floor has its own inner garden.
This traditional style of small Japanese garden allows you to relax while you stay here.

Also, the heavy beams, pillars, and wooden fittings make for calm surroundings and you can feel the atmosphere of the old days.
You can enjoy a fusion of the life between the past and the present.

And the bath which provides you a luxurious time is…

A half open-air bath in the room.
You can see the inner garden from this bath, so just ease your body in and wash out all the tiredness from your travel.

Have a seabream burger at the café and bar.

There is a café and bar on the ground floor of the hotel, and anyone can come and spend a time here (not only hotel guests).
The house’s recommendation is the “Seabream Burger,” a local Tomonoura specialty.

Seabream is one of the specialties in Tomonoura.
Tomonoura Kanko Taiami” (a show of traditional net fishing from boats) is a well-known event which is held in May every year.
And of course, this seabream burger is made with the seabream fished from the sea of Tomonoura.
The deep-fried seabream is very satisfying and the combination of the bun and the seabream has a nice unique texture.
Maybe you cannot resist ordering one more.

Note it that you can eat this burger ONLY at this café and bar!
Don’t miss it when you visit Tomonoura.

When the night comes, the café turns to a bar.
The ambience is totally different from the daytime, more relaxed and adult.
Maybe you would like to try some original cocktails made with “Homei-shu,” a medicinal drink which originated in Tomonoura.
If you are planning to visit and stay in Tomonoura, then “Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA-“ would be a good place to stay to feel the history and unique atmosphere of the hotel and the town.
We hope you come and relax in this traditional town and enjoy the townscape.

Shiomachi HOTEL -ROYA-
Address/808-1, Tomo, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
cafe&BAR opens/11:00~17:00 (as a café), 18:00~22:00 (as a bar)
Closed/Tuesdays(If Tuesday is a national holiday, the following Wednesday will be a holiday instead.)

Access/Get off the bus at “Tomonoura” or “Tomo-ko” bus stops on the Tomo-tetsu bus Tomo line from Fukuyama Station Bus Terminal

Photographs and text by Yusuke Minami

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Written by

Yusuke Minami

Yusuke Minami

Yusuke Minami I was born in 1981 in Kagoshima and currently live in Fukuyama City. I used to work as a management staff member in the world of pro-wrestling. At that time, I travelled around a lot, then one day I was in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture and I saw the Tomono Ura scenery. I immediately fell in love and moved to Fukuyama. Since 2013, I have been working as a chiropractor and representative at Shin-Sakamoto Chiropractic at the Fukuyama Korono World mall. As a sideline, I also run the Bingo no Machikado Shashin - a site dedicated to showing the world the charms of the Bingo area.


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